This Superstar is making a documentary to expose WWE

Sami Zayn is unhappy with the way WWE is treating him after his return. He strives to expose WWE in his documentary...

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn has had his fair share of on-screen issues with WWE. As in past few months, Zayn has claimed that the company management has mistreated him on several occasions. The former Intercontinental Champion has now threatened to expose the conspiracies against him.

On the back of a title loss to Big E, Sami Zayn took to Twitter and wrote that he is currently working on a documentary. The former WWE IC Champion noted that the documentary would solely focus on exposing the conspiracy against him.

Here is what Sami Zayn wrote on Twitter in his threat towards WWE– “I am making a documentary against this company, since they have been on my back since my return.”

This shows his disappointment towards the corporation and might leave the promotion for AEW.

What’s on Sami Zayn’s Road To WrestleMania 37?

Zayn lost his title to Big E

Sami Zayn had lost the WWE Intercontinental Championship two weeks ago on SmackDown to Big E in a lumberjack match. The win marked the beginning of Big E’s second reign as WWE IC Champion and ended Zayn’s reign at 148 days.

Sami Zayn initially won the Intercontinental title way back at Elimination Chamber in 2020, but amid the pandemic, WWE decided to strip him of the title. In doing so, Zayn’s reign as IC Champion ended at 65 days. 

However he came back and won the championship again. Despite not having the WWE IC Title anymore, Sami Zayn will definitely aim to win back the strap from Big E once again. However when we think about Wrestemania 37, it looks difficult for him to even have a match on the main show.

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