This UFC women’s title challenger thinks Valentina Shevchenko is the better fighter than Amanda Nunes

UFC women's title challenger thinks Valentina Shevchenko is better than Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes Valentina Shevchenko
Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko

Valentina Shevchenko is the UFC women’s flyweight champion, and she is going to defend her title at UFC 261, and her title challenger Jessica Andrade thinks that she is a better fighter than the two-division champion Amanda Nunes.

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Valentina Shevchenko

In an interview with MMA Fighting, she said, “Valentina is the best in the UFC. I’ve always wanted to fight her because I always want to fight the best. I’ve fought a lot of good girls and I think Valentina is one level above any other. Actually, her fight with Amanda [Nunes], I’m one of those that think [judges] could have given it to Valentina because she was better.”

“Even though Amanda has two belts, Valentina fights all the time and always puts on great fights and the same pace from start to finish,” Andrade said. “Amanda doesn’t fight that often. She owns two belts but doesn’t fight all the time, so I think Valentina has more experience in the octagon. I think Valentina is the best pound-for-pound in the UFC.”

Jessica Andrade admits that training for Valentina Shevchenko is very difficult

Jessica Andrade Valentina Shevchenko
Jessica Andrade vs Valentina Shevchenko

In the same interview Andrade confessed that training for Valentina is very difficult, she said, “I’ll tell you this, training for this girl is quite complicated, huh. My God, she’s so fast. I was watching her fights and, wow, I’ll be honest with you, I do believe I’ll be able to go in there and impose my strategy really well, but I think she will hit me with some strikes because she’s really fast. I won’t say I’ll be able to avoid all of her attacks. I can dodge well but this woman is bizarre.

“She’s fast, but I’ll try to be like ‘The Flash’ in there and use my takedowns and pressure to slow her down and get her arms tired. She’ll be slower after the first round and I’ll be able to do my thing in the octagon,” concluded Andrade

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