Battlegrounds Mobile India: Tips and Tricks for beginners in BGMI

A lot of hype has been created after Krafton released the official version of BGMI. Many newbies might want to try their luck in this game. So, this article brings out some of the basic tips and tricks for beginners in BGMI.

Tips and Tricks for beginners in BGMI
BGMI official version released

Since the official version of BGMI has finally been released by Krafton, a lot of hype has been created by the players which might tempt beginners in BGMI to try their luck in the game. In this article we are going to mention some basic trips and tricks for beginners in BGMI.

It is said that all minds are explorers. BGMI might prove to be a platform for these explorers where they can experience a different taste of battle-royale games. Not everyone who installs the game is a pro player right in the beginning. There are people who doesn’t even know the names of the guns used in the game, but they aspire to become a pro ace level player someday. So, these tips for will certainly be helpful for the beginners in BGMI.

Tips and tricks for beginners in BGMI

1. Know where to land

Tips and Tricks for beginners in BGMI
Slow and Steady drops

It is recommended to the beginners in BGMI that they should not land in hot drops like Pochinki, Sosnovka Military Base, Georgopol as many players will choose that place to land. Beginners should instead choose such a place that is devoid of enemies, but has an ample amount of loot like Lipovka, Mylta etc. Keep a watch at the path that the aeroplane takes and avoid landing at those places.

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2. Always use vehicles while moving in an open place

Tips and Tricks for beginners in BGMI
Move in vehicles

This is the most important point that the beginners should keep in mind. While moving in an open place, use a vehicle like a car or buggy that can be easily found in the garage or in the roads. If you walk around freely in the open, enemies might spot you and defeat you instantly even before you can take a cover to hide from them. However, if you spot an enemy while travelling in the vehicle, do not stop the vehicle right in front of them, instead fire after taking a cover.

3. Choose your weapons wisely

Tips and Tricks for beginners in BGMI
Choose best weapons

Weapons are the most crucial part of BGMI, without that you can’t win the ‘Chicken Dinner’ that you desire. Consequently, it is important to choose the weapons wisely. You can use SMG weapons like UMP45, Vector but try to search for AR weapons like M416, M762 or AKM as they provide a heavy damage to the enemies. You can also loot the air drops as they provide powerful weapons like Groza, AUG A3.

4. Play with a proper squad

Tips and Tricks for beginners in BGMI
Proper Squad

While playing a squad match, avoid playing with random people that you find in auto-matching option as they are unaware of the methods you emply while playing the game. They might rush unnecessarily or expose your squad’s location to the enemies. Always try to play with your friends or a squad that knows your in-game tactics. This might increase the chances of your survival in the game.

5. Practice daily in the Training ground

Tips and Tricks for beginners in BGMI
Training in cheer park

The training ground which has now been moved to the Cheer Park provides the best platform where you can practice firing at the walls or at the moving boards. In some cases, when the enemy is at a far distance and you’re firing towards them, your gun will spring off and you won’t be able to aim properly, this is known as recoil of the gun. However, if you practice shooting at those moving boards you will get a better idea to control the recoil of your gun.

These were some basic tips and tricks for beginners in BGMI. You can download the game from Play Store and explore India’s own battleground.

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