Tips and Tricks to win Clash Squad matches in Free Fire

Tips and Tricks to win Clash Squad matches in Free Fire

Free Fire has many significant features that makes it different from other battle royal games. It has different game modes like Classic, Ranked mode and Clash Squad modes as well. Clash Squad is one of the most difficult mode to play on. It requires proper skill and proper presence of mind to win matches in the mode. However, players are not really aware of the skills required to win matches in the mode. And that is why in this article, we cover the tips and tricks to win Clash Squad matches in Free Fire.

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Tips and Tricks to win every Clash Squad matches

1. Choosing an appropriate character

The game allows players to choose from 35 different characters. Every character is unique in its own abilities. However, for Clash Squad mode, it is recommended that players select a character with an active skill. Chrono, DJ Alok and Wukong are some of the players that possess active skills. Players are required to select such characters and pair them up with characters having passive skills. Antonio, Hayato and Kelly can prove to be the perfect combination to win any Clash Squad match.

2.Team Coordination

Another important thing to win any match of any mode is proper communication with your teammates. Players must be able to communicate with their mates. This helps the players to locate the enemies, help mates by providing them with sufficient loot. With proper coordination, teammates can be able to back-up each other when needed.

3. Height Advantage

Clash Mode is such a mode where players do everything to their capacity to win matches. Having a proper height advantage helps players to secure headshots easily. At the same time, players can have a wider view of the map and easily spot enemies and give support from the longer range to the squad. Players have to climb roof tops using gloo walls and must make sure they do it quick since the mode only lasts for few minutes.


4. Take Cover and Fight

For any mode, players must make sure that they have proper cover to protect themselves from the foes. Having a solid cover enables the players to hit the enemies at the same time slide back to the designated cover. Never ever leave your cover unless the shrinking zone demands it. Players can also use walls and rocks as cover and give the rushing enemies a surprise. This was all about the tips and tricks to win Clash Squad matches in Free Fire. Follow these simple tips to win matches easily.

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