“Titles won by Novak Djokovic not a decisive factor in GOAT debate,” says Panatta


Adriano Panatta, the former Italian Professional Tennis Player, who also went on to win the French Open of 1976 has weighed in on the Greatest Of All Time debate, and it’s not good news for the present World Number 1, Novak.

While acknowledging Novak Djokovic’s tremendous last decade and how he’s had an upper hand over Nadal and Federer, along with his 17 Grand Slam Titles which are not far away from 20 and 19 of Roger and Rafa respectively.

In a chat with UBITennis, Panatta pointed out why Novak Djokovic can’t be called the GOAT. “Nole seems troubled by the idea of pleasing the public at all costs,” said Panatta. The Italian believes that Rafa and Roger have always had the crowd support and have never had to explicitly gain their support, being the fan favorites, on the contrary, Djokovic has had a tough time pleasing the crowd.

He also spoke about the Adria Tour Fiasco and how that backlashed. He said “The rules should be respected, period. Djokovic did none of this intentionally. It was a beneficial initiative, but it turned into a disaster.” He didn’t forget to give the credit where it’s due and mentioned briefly how Nole and his wife have donated approximately $6 million to the Serbian public health system and charities, but they got overshadowed by the Adria Tour disaster.

“Fans have chosen Roger, and then Nadal at his side. Novak is a great player, but in the end, as always, the count of the titles won will not be decisive. The ones who intend to be the best, they go on the field to win. But the show must be worth the ticket price,” concluded Panatta.

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