“To see myself with the Indian Team at the Olympics podium, that’s the ultimate goal,” says Volleyball player Saqlain Tariq in an exclusive chat with SportsHub

“To see myself with the Indian Team at the Olympics podium, that’s the ultimate goal,” says Volleyball player Saqlain Tariq in an exclusive chat with SportsHub

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For the first time in his career, Saqlain Tariq came into light when he was selected for Pro-Volleyball league’s team U Mumba. Further, extremely good performances for his team in the tournament also led him to book a berth in the Indian Team for Asia Men’s Under-23 tournament.

Being born in Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir life was not too easy for Tariq. But much like Parvez Rasool, he rose above every hurdle that came his way once he was focused to a particular goal, the goal to play for India.


In an exclusive interview with SportsHub, Tariq talks about how his life panned out in the valleys and how his family provided him with a never ending support. Further, he also speaks up about his career till now, the impact of the Pro Volleyball League and his ultimate goal of winning an Olympic medal for the country.


How did you entered in Volleyball?

-My whole family background is from Volleyball. My father is a Volleyball coach and my elder brother is a national level player so from themI was inspired to get into Volleyball.


Who is your Role model?

My father is my role model.

How your Family supported you throughout you career ?

As I have already said that my family background is from Volleyball so it’s obvious that my family supported me wholeheartedly and whatever I’m today is all because of their support.

What change you noticed in audience in years ?

Changes I see like before people are not that much aware of Volleyball in India, they just sometimes watch the matches over National television. Once the athletes started performing in National and international level it started gaining its popularity. Then after the league was conducted people got excitedly interested in watching the matches live as well and showered a lot of respect and support
to the players though.


Athlete you admire most?

Khabib Nurmagomedov, the Russian kickboxing champion is the one whom I admire the most.

Are you training in lockdown?

Yes, I am doing physical fitness at home in this quarantine.

Benefits of Start of The Pro Volleyball league?

Pro Volleyball League is helping us and the youngsters to raise up the game standards to a higher level in India and a kind of exposure we are
and we got a lot to learn to improve our performances. Especially we got to achieve individual name and fame and pride for our country.


The funniest person in your team?

Deepesh Kumar Sinha, I call him deepesh bhai. He is the comedian in our team. He keeps us happy in every good & bad situation.

Your first glory moment?

When we bagged the Silver medal for my country in Asian championships held at Myanmar.

What is your ultimate aim?

To see myself in Indian Volleyball team standing on the podium of Olympic Games.


Future of Volleyball in India ?

After the league Volleyball is now a very popular sport in India through which we and our youngsters are so motivated and confident that we can definitely perform well in the upcoming International tournaments and get medals over there.

At last, a message for the younger generation?

I would like to convey the message to our young generation that stay focused on your goal and do hard-work everyday. And the most important thing is that if you want to succeed you have to be very disciplined in your life.

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