Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organisation Committee Member Tests +ve for COVID-19


On Wednesday, Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Organising committee said that a member of the committee has tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus COVID 19.

Reportedly, the man is in his 30s and was immediately placed in home quarantine, after doctors confirmed the case.

“The organizing committee has identified those who have had close contact with the patient and entered them in home isolation from today, while the floor where the individual worked will be closed off and disinfected,” the committee said in a statement.

Earlier, this month the Japanese government announced a state of emergency and after that Tokyo’s 2020 approximately 3,800 staff have been working from home.

The Olympic Games have been pushed one year back in 2021 due to Coronavirus pandemic which has halt all the sporting events across the globe.

World wide, around 2,559,991 people are tested positive and over 177,707 are died due to Coronavirus pandemic, according to Worldometer.


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