Tokyo Olympics 2020: Foreign Reporters to be tracked during their time in the country

All foreign reporters will be tracked during the Olympic Games, and could have their passes revoked if they break the rules.

Seiko Hashimoto, Tokyo Olympics President
Seiko Hashimoto, Tokyo Olympics President
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Overseas journalists who are covering the Tokyo Olympics will be tracked by GPS, said the Olympic Games President on Tuesday. The 6000 reporters who will be visiting Japan will have to provide a detailed list of areas they will visit during their first two weeks at the Tokyo Olympics.

Tokyo Olympics chief Seiko Hashimoto said the tracking technology would be used to ensure that people go only where they are supposed to. “To make sure that people don’t go to places other than the places where they are registered to go, we will use GPS to strictly manage their behavior,” Hashimoto said at a Tokyo 2020 board meeting.

All reporters are being urged to stay at the designated hotels, instead of finding their own private lodging, to ensure safety of the people. The number of hotels have been reduced from 350 to 150, so that the visitors can be kept under close supervision. Athletes will also be under tight restrictions and will be tested daily in order to ensure they are healthy.

Overseas fans will not be allowed to attend the Tokyo Olympics

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Tokyo Olympics 2020: Foreign Reporters to be tracked during their time in the country 2

No overseas fans will be allowed to attend the event, and the organisers will soon be deciding if any domestic fans will be given permission to attend the Games.

Japan has had a comparatively smaller outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic as compared to other nations. However, until recently, their vaccine rollout has also been quite slow, with only 3.5% of the population being vaccinated. There is concern about holding the Tokyo Olympics because of the already present strain on the medical system. The Olympics, which were to be held last year, are now going to be held for six weeks starting from 24th July.

Most recent polls show that many are not in favour of holding the Tokyo Olympics and instead prefer postponing them even further.

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