Tokyo Olympics: Poll reveals 60% of Japanese people think Games’ President Yoshiro Mori is unfit for his role

Yoshiro Mori had come under criticism for sexist comments he made at a meeting.

Yoshiro Mori
Yoshiro Mori
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A recent poll conducted by Kyodo News in Japan revealed that close to 60% of people in the country wanted the President of Tokyo 2020, Yoshiro Mori to not continue in his role as head of the organizing committee. They opined that he was ‘unfit’ for his role. These results come just days after Mori was caught in the middle of a storm over sexist comments he made about women in a meeting.

The 83-year-old who is also a former prime minister of the country stated in a meeting that he didn’t like women talking too much especially in meetings. After tremendous backlash, he was forced to apologize at the next meeting with the Olympic Committee. However, he made it clear that he wouldn’t go back on his statements and that he believed in them.

Poll of 1023 people reveals dissatisfaction against Yoshiro Mori

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Yoshiro Mori

The poll was conducted by Kyodo News by calling people through telephone who were then asked to vote on whether they thought Mori was fit for his position. Out of the remaining 40%, 33.2% chose not to answer while only 6.8% of people stated that he was fit for the role and must continue in his position as the President of the Games.

Further, Kyodo also reported that a Yuko Inazawa, a board member representing the Japan Rugby Union Football present in the meeting where Mori made the comments, revealed that the same were directed at her. She was quoted as saying, “I instinctively I thought he was referring to me. I think conferences dragged on as I was asking questions from my standpoint as an amateur. But that is absolutely not the same thing as saying women make conferences drag on.”

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