Tokyo Olympics: Rulebook for athletes forbids hugs, high-fives and socializing but provides for 150,000 condoms

The rulebook laid out further details on COVID-19 testing and the banning of physical contact.


The organizers of the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games have released a rulebook – the last in a series of ‘playbooks’ that have been released to act as guidelines in order to ensure safety during the Games. The document was released on Tuesday and it contains 33 pages which clearly warns all athletes that failure to act in accordance with the strict rules would lead to immediate bans.

Even as the pandemic continues to rage on, there have been doubts raised from the public and medical professionals over the safe conducting of the postponed Games. However, the organizers have remained stubborn that the Olympics will go ahead as per scheduled with safety protocols being followed strictly by all people concerned including organizers, athletes, officials, fans, media and so on.

Athletes asked to avoid unnecessary physical contact


Organizers talked to AFP after the release of the rule book and said, “The athletes’ time in Japan will be minimised to reduce the risk of infection and those staying at the Olympic Village will be expected to avoid unnecessary forms of physical contact. If you have been to the Games before, we know this experience will be different in a number of ways.”

Apart from the banning of physical contact, the rulebook details the COVID-19 testing process. However, it also mentions that 150,000 condoms will be handed out for free to athletes with the condition that they’ll have to limit contact as much as possible regardless. It further bans them from visiting “gyms, tourist areas, shops, restaurants or bars and can only go to “official Games venues and limited additional locations.” Masks have also been made compulsory whenever they are in open spaces except while competing, training, eating and sleeping.

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