Tokyo Olympics 3v3 Basketball- Know all about the Newest Sport at 2021 Summer Olympics

Tokyo Olympics 3v3 Basketball: Catch the rules, formats and basic information about the newest Sport, 3v3 Basketball here. This Sport debuts in Tokyo Olympics.

Tokyo Olympics 3v3 Basketball
3v3 basketball

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 has already kick started. As the athletes walk out with their respective contingents, fans are desperate to start cheering for the games. But Tokyo 2020 has got a new inclusion of sport. The newest form under basketball, the 3v3 basketball sport is being included this year. So the 3v3 style of basketball will debut this edition of Olympics and it is already getting a lot of support. The FIBA (International Basketball Committee) has set rules for this style of the sport, and naturally, they are a lot different from the regular 5-on-5 team basketball the world is used to watching. Here is an update on the format and rules of Tokyo Olympics 3v3 Basketball.

Tokyo Olympic 3v3 Basketball
3v3 basketball

The scoring tally system, game duration, substitutions and many factors that dictate the game are different. So any player participating in the event must familiarize themselves with the new rules associated with the 3v3 game. This format has been organized by the Red Bull co. a lot throughout the world.

Tokyo Olympics 3v3 Basketball Rules

Tokyo Olympics 3v3 Basketball
3v3 basketball

Evident from its name, this format involves 3 players on court. They are allowed one substitution each. So the total team strength would be 4.  Moreover, the game is played in a half-court instead of a full-court. Each team is allowed just one timeout, which can be called by players or coaches during a dead-ball situation (prior to free throws or check ball). Timeouts cannot be called during live balls. An unused timeout gets carried over in overtime. However, in FIBA 3v3 official competitions, two TV timeouts are granted at the first dead ball – when the game clock shows 6:59 and 3:59.

There is no jump-ball situation in this format. Toss of coin decides the possession of ball by the teams. In the case of overtime, the team that started the game in defense gets possession in the overtime period. A check ball is a must before starting the possession.

Tokyo Olympics 3v3 Basketball Game Time

Tokyo Olympics 3v3 Basketball
3v3 Basketball

This game would not follow a conventional 4 quarter format. Being a half-court game, it will be played for 10 minutes. However, any team who gets to 21-points faster will be declared the winner. But by 10-minute mark, the team with higher point would win. There is also overtime situation in case it ends in a draw. The shot clock is at 12 seconds instead of 24 seconds, and each timeout is worth 30 seconds only.

Tokyo Olympics 3v3 Basketball Scoring

Each bucket inside the arc is worth one point instead of the usual two. A free throw is also worth one point. Moreover, a traditional three-pointer or a shot from beyond the arc is worth two points instead of three.

The ball needs to be cleared before the bucket can count, i.e. taken beyond the arc, either the ball itself or the player’s foot. As mentioned earlier, a check ball is necessary before starting possession, i.e. exchange of the ball between the offensive and defensive player at the top of the key.

Tokyo Olympics 3v3 Basketball Fouls and Penalties

Tokyo Olympics 3v3 Basketball
3v3 basketball

In this situation, rather than 5 fouls, 6 fouls are allowed to each player. Any intentional foul or flagrant foul may result in technical fouls awarded to the opponents. There will be 2 free throws for the 7th,8th and 9th fouls. Possessions would be changed in terms of 10th foul committed. Any violation, whether travel or double-dribble, results in a check-ball. Three-second and five-second violations are the same. A 12-second violation is called when a player with a live ball, stalls and doesn’t actively play for 12 seconds (not score), also known as a shot-clock violation.

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