Tokyo Olympics: Who Will End on Top of the Medal Tally- USA or China?

With the Tokyo Olympics coming closer, the competition is tough this year, and everyone is asking the same question- who will win the most medals at the Olympics this year?

USA vs China: Who will win the most medals at the Tokyo Olympics
USA and China

With the Tokyo Olympics all set to begin in one month, the excitement is increasing by the day. The Olympic trials are coming to an end and athletes are getting ready to for the much awaited Games, even as the COVID 19 pandemic attacks the world. The Japanese Prime Minister and IOC have made complete arrangements to ensure the safety and security of the athletes.

The question every year that is asked is: Who will win the most medals at the Olympics this year? Every year it is a tough fight between USA, China and Russia.

This year, the Russian team will not be participating because it is facing a four year ban for manipulating doping data. The Russian athletes will be forbidden from using the Russian name, flag or the anthem. Many of the Russian athletes will be participating neutrally, meaning that Russia will face a massive blow to its medal tally.

USA has Dominated the Medal Tally over the Years but China is Rapidly Rising up the Table

China at the Rio Olympics
China at the Rio Olympics

The USA has an impressive medal tally at the Summer Olympics over the years of 2521 medals, with 1022 gold, 794 silver and 705 bronze. Track and field is USA’s most successful discipline with a total of 67% or 1898 medals being won in the field. The most successful Olympian from all time is also from the USA. Michael Phelps, has won 23 gold medals in swimming for the US.

China is the biggest contender for the medal table with a total of 546 medal, with 224 gold, 167 silver and 155 bronze medals. Gymnastics is China’s most successful sport, with a total of 73 medals, while diving has brought China 69 medals. At the Rio Olympics, China made a massive dent in the total tally, and moved up from an 11th position to 7th position on the medal table.

With China moving rapidly up the table, this could be the year that China bags the most medals at the Olympics. But the USA will not let up easily, topping the medal table at 7 of the last 9 Olympics.

USA vs China at the Rio Olympics

US Team at Rio Olympics
US Team at Rio Olympics

The United States won a total of 121 medals at the Rio Olympics, while China was second with a total of 70 medals.

Gold 4626
Medal tally at the Rio Olympics

Swimming and athletics won the most medals for the US, with the former gaining 33 medals and the later gaining 32. Michael Phelps, Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky were amongst the most successful athletes for the US.

China won the most medals in Diving and weightlifting at Rio Olympics, with 10 and 7 medals respectively. Shi Tingmao, Chen Aisen and Du Li were the most successful athletes for China.

What are the predicted medal tallies for the Tokyo Olympics?

Tokyo Olympics
Tokyo Olympics

The analytical company Gracenote, predicts how many medals each country will win at the Olympics. This prediction is based on the previous Olympics, the World Championships and other major international competitions.

Gracenote has predicted that US will win 117 medals at the Tokyo Olympics, with 47 gold medals. China is predicted continue to increase its medal count and inch closer towards the top with a total of 87 medals, with 43 gold.

Although Russia is predicted to win 66 medals at the Tokyo Olympics, its ban leaves much up for questioning. Therefore, Japan will get the 3rd spot, making it the most successful Olympic Games for the host, with a total of 65 medals, with 30 gold medals.

How will the Other Countries Fare at the Tokyo Olympics?

Tokyo olympics
Tokyo olympics

With the US predicted to lead the medal table this year, with China a close second as well as Japan and Russia in the mix, many other countries are hoping to make their mark at the Tokyo Olympics.

Japan, Netherlands and India are predicted to have the most improvement in medal count since the 2016 Olympics. Great Britain finished 3rd in the 2016 Olympics, but is looking to fall this year and will fight with Australia for the 5th spot.

Here is the predicted medal tally for the top 30 countries at the Tokyo Olympics this year

Britain 42
France 37
South Korea26
New Zealand 21
North Korea10

However, these are all predictions and it is finally all on the athletes to represent their countries and shine. After all the importance of the Olympics is not to win a medal, but to participate.

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