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USA Tokyo Olympics Trials: Trayvon Brommel Leads as Top 3 Men Qualify for the 100m Event for the Summer Olympic Games

Trayvon Brommel reigned supreme at the 100m US Olympic Track and field trials, securing his spot at the Tokyo Olympics with a time of 9.80s. He will be joined by Ronnie Baker and Fred Kerley, who rounded off the top 3.

Trayvon Brommel qualifies for the Tokyo Olympics

Trayvon Brommel impressed the world with his performance at the US Olympic Track and Field trials for the Tokyo Olympics, finishing first in the men’s 100m. The last time Brommel had sprinted in an Olympic Stadium it had been a disaster, and this was the comeback he needed to prove himself.

The 25 year old went into the finals with the fastest time of 9.77s. In an exciting finals, Brommel showed his consistency as he raced his way to secure a spot at the Olympics with a time of 9.80s, finishing with the fastest time of the night.

“Words still can’t put it into play what just happened,” Bromell said. “Like I’ve been telling people all this year: It’s God’s work.” he told Washington Post after the Trials were over.

Baker and Kerley Qualify in Second and Third Place at the Tokyo Olympics Trials

Ronnie Baker and Fred Kerley

Ronnie Baker came in second after Brommel with a time of 9.85s, setting a personal best record. He has fought of several injuries trying to make the team, and finally his dreams have come true. “I’ll be straight up: I want to be the fastest runner ever,” said Baker.

Fred Kerley was the 400m reigning national champion. When Kerley took part in the 100m and 200m, it left everyone confused and doubting whether he was suitable for the events. But when he finished third, setting a time of 9.86, all doubts were erased as he now makes his way to the Tokyo Olympics.

Big Disappointment for Gatlin and Lyles as they fail to Qualify for the Tokyo Olympics

Justin Gatlin and Noah Lyles

It was a big disappointment for Noah Lyles as he finished in 7th place with a time of 10.05s failing to even make the relay team. Lyles made a big statement before the race, when he raised his left fist as the announcer called his name, as a sign against racial injustice faced in the United States.

Lyles said in a statement after the race to the Washington Post, “Black lives matter. “We’re still dying in the streets. Just because we stopped talking about it in the news and just because the Olympics are going on doesn’t mean it’s not happening. And I am Black. So to be honest, you could just hear a report about me tomorrow dying for no reason. I’m pretty sure some people would be sad, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t be the only one. Probably another after that and another after that. This needs to stop.”

Another disappointment of the night was Justin Gatlin, as the 5 time Olympic medallist finished last with a time of 10.87s. The 39 year old was hopeful that he would make his way to his fourth Olympics, but his dream was cut short due to an injured hamstring.

“I had to patch it up and give the best performance I could give in the finals,” Gatlin said. At the press conference later he said, “It’s a very rare opportunity that you are witnessing something you’re going to do for the last time while you’re doing it. And it made me sad. But it made me happy to be here, to be able to do it. You never realize it’s going to be the end until the end comes.”

Here is a table of the finishing time of the athletes, with the top 3 qualifying for the 100m while the top 6 qualified for the relay at the Tokyo Olympics.

Trayvon Brommel-qualified9.80s
Ronnie Baker- qualified9.85s
Fred Kerley- qualified9.86s
Kenny Bednarek– relay9.89s
Micah Williams– relay9.91s
Cravon Gillespie– relay10.00s
Noah Lyles10.05s
Justin Gatlin10.87s

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