Tokyo Olympics: World Players Association calls for a comprehensive COVID-19 plan

The Executive Director of the WPA, Brendan Schwab addressed reporters today and stated the same.

Tokyo Olympics
Tokyo Olympics
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The World Players Association (WPA) asked the organizers of the Tokyo Olympic Games to provide a ‘comprehensive and fully funded’ COVID-19 plan in order to protect the health of participants. They stated that they were dissatisfied with mere statements when the Games are edging closer to the scheduled date of July 2021. This comes after the organizers recently revealed a ‘playbook’ that had basic guidelines on wearing masks, the ban of singing and so on.

There is already plenty of disapproval and unrest about the Games going ahead as per schedule with the people in Tokyo concerned about the pandemic showing no signs of stopping. A plethora of polls on public opinion have been conducted and the unanimous belief from the people has been that the Games shouldn’t go ahead in July but should rather be postponed again or canceled altogether.

‘Nothing should be left to chance’ – WPA

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Brendan Schwab

The Executive Director of the World Players’ Association, Brendan Schwab addressed reporters today and said, “World Players shares with the IOC the common goal of a safe Olympics that does not undermine the global health effort. However, all need to know that nothing is being left to chance and that no expense is being spared.”

“While the experience of professional team sports can be a valuable precedent for the IOC, it can only be if the keys of its success are fully embraced by the IOC and scaled to the level of the Games,” he added.

The WPA has already set about a plan and an outline for things that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) should adhere to which includes provisions on international travel, COVID-19 testing, access to treatment and so on.

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