‘He’s just a massive p**** and he doesn’t want to fight’ – Tommy Fury lashes into Jake Paul

Light-heavyweight boxer Tommy Fury is tipped to be Jake Paul's next opponent.

Tommy Fury
Tommy Fury

Jake Paul’s first-round knockout win over Ben Askren got many wondering if it was time to take the YouTuber seriously. ‘The Problem Child’ had beaten only non-combat sports athletes previously – YouTuber AnesonGib and Basketballer Nate Robinson. Many even fancied Ben Askren beating Jake Paul, due to his exploits in the MMA. However, Paul finished Askren more quickly than he had finished his previous opponents.

Jake Paul and Ben Askren
Jake Paul knocks out Ben Askren

As soon as Paul knocked out Funky Ben, he went on his usual call-out spree. There was also a moment of disrespect backstage as he and his trainer J’Leon Love were seen confronting Tyron Woodley. However, due to widespread talks that Paul should fight a pro-boxer, it looks like Tyson Fury’s half brother Tommy who is a light-heavyweight boxer might be the YouTube star’s next opponent.

Tommy spoke to TMZ sports to address the same and claimed that he had been boxing his whole life, while Jake Paul has just begun boxing, recently. He then claimed that Paul calls out and then remains quiet, going on to say that Paul ‘is scared to fight him’.

‘When you grow a pair of b****, come and see me’ – Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury was quoted as saying, “My message to Jake Paul is – He’s just a massive p**** and he doesn’t want to fight. He’s not a fighting man. So, when he grows a pair of b****, come and see me. But until then, don’t mention my name ever again.” [H/T FirstSportz.com]

Tommy Fury is currently 5-0 in his professional career. He has eased past almost all his opponents, and 4 wins have come via. knockout. However, he is not as tall as his half brother Tyson Fury is. In fact, he (6ft) is even shorter than Jake Paul, who is 6ft 1inch.

Paul, on the other hand, will be wary of the fact that Fury is a full-time professional boxer. But he was seen disrespecting him as well with his trademark Tweets recently.

It is high-time this fight goes ahead, as the world would get to know if Jake Paul is the real deal or not.

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