Tonde Gamer’s Free Fire ID, K/D ratio and stats in May 2021

Tonde Gamer is a popular Free Fire Content Creator and he has a good fan following with 33.2 lakh Youtube Subscribers. Take a look at his Free Fire ID, stats, and Social Media handles as of May 2021.

Tonde Gamer Free Fire

Free Fire which is one of the highly played and loved battle royale game has many active players around the globe with many content creators creating the game more fun and enjoyable. Tonde Gamer is one of the popular Free Fire content creators who provide regular content on Youtube. His real name is Sarju Giri and he is a Nepali Free Fire Content Creator. He currently has 3.32 Million Subscribers on Youtube.

This article shares an overview of Tonde Gamer’s Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, and other stats in May 2021.

Tonde Gamer’s Free Fire ID and stats

Free Fire ID: Tonde Gamer’s Free Fire ID is 282951914.

Life Time Stats

Tonde Gamer Free Fire
lifetime stats

Here are the Lifetime Stats of Tonde Gamer:


  • Total Number of games played: 14931
  • Booyahs: 6059
  • Win rate: 40.52%
  • Total Number of Kills: 56592
  • K/D: 6.38


  • Total Number of games played: 6784
  • Booyahs: 1407
  • Win rate: 20.73%
  • Total Number of Kills: 26260
  • K/D: 4.88


  • Total Number of games played: 3256
  • Booyahs: 274
  • Win rate: 8.41%
  • Total Number of Kills: 6653
  • K/D: 2.23

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Ranked Stats

Tonde Gamer Free Fire
ranked Stats

As the new Ranked Season of Free Fire i.e., Season 21 has begun Yesterday only, Tonde Gamer hasn’t got many stats in the new ranked season. Here are the new ranked stats of Tonde Gamer:


  • Total Number of games played: 54
  • Booyahs: 28
  • Win rate: 51.24%
  • Total Number of Kills: 302
  • K/D: 11.62

As it is the new season, Tonde Gamer hasn’t played any Duo or Solo mode matches in the new ranked season and hence he has no stats in this new ranked season.

Note: The stats recorded in this article are recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content creator tend to play more games.

Tonde Gamer YouTube Channel:

Tonde Gamer has started his youtube career on Feb 16, 2019, as his first video posted dates back to February 2019.  His channel currently has 834 videos and over 398.99 million views combined. Click here to visit the channel.

His secondary Channel has 151K subscribers which have only 19 videos in it. The name of the channel is GaiTonde and click here to visit the channel.

Tonde Gamer Social Media Profiles:

Tonde Gamer is active on Instagram, Facebook, and Booyah. Check out his profiles via the links provided down:

  • Facebook: Click here
  • BOOYAH Live: Click Here
  • Instagram: Click here
  • Twitter: Click Here

Tonde Gamer also has a Discord server and you can join it by clicking here.

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