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Top 10 Cool things to build in Minecraft!

Minecraft's world is home to a lot of cool builders and they often make some cool things. These are the top 10 cool things to build in Minecraft for a challenge!

Top 10 cool things to build in Minecraft!

Minecraft is one of the most popular free building or sand-box game that has ever been released. In this article we take a look at the top 10 cool things to build in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a open-world sand-box game and players can build whatever their mind wants. The imagination is the limit when building in Minecraft and some unthinkable things can also be made inside this game.

Down below are the Top 10 cool things to build in Minecraft.

Top 10 cool things to build in Minecraft



Yes, this is completely possible in the Minecraft universe. Players can make a Computer inside Minecraft and can even play Minecraft inside Minecraft! This is made through using red stone circuits and making a complete wiring board and a working RAM as well.

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Self-Harvesting Farms

Wheat Farm Automatic

Farms are one of the most useful structures that the players can build in Minecraft. They are used to obtain food and other harvest. However, Minecraft players have found out a solution to farming manually, and these are the self-harvesting farms!

These farms grow the crops and instantly harvest them and store them in complete automation. Players can make one and be free of farming forever.


YouTube: Cubey

Players can automate their world using the power of redstone, redstone circuits and levers. Players can make switches to turn on lights, machines and even traps. A world of advancement and technology is definitely one of the most cool things to build in Minecraft.

Dungeon Mob farm

YouTube: FazyCraft

Players may often encounter a dungeon where there is a monster spawner. Instead of breaking it, players can make an unlimited EXP farm from it by trapping the monster and killing them without coming into harm’s way!

Automatic Cooked Chicken Farm

Automatic Chicken Farm

This is quite a fun and one such cool thing to build in Minecraft. This machine automates the killing and cooking the chicken, making it an endless output of cooked Chicken like your own personal Food Fridge!



Traps are a fun way of setting up your friends in your personal PvP server or for challenges. These traps may either drop the player and kill them, or give the ma big scare.

Nevertheless it is a fun prank to build in the game with the help of Redstone.



Players can and have made insanely big towns and structures in the game. Players often gather a server full of people to build a whole town from scratch, complete with houses, parks and more!


Eiffel Tower

Players can make real world landmarks like the Eiffel tower, statue of liberty, leaning tower of Pisa and more in the world of Minecraft.

Recreating a real world structure is a very cool thing to build in Minecraft.

Underground City

Underground City

This is a great idea for players who want to create a big city but also want it to be mysterious and have a different vibe to it.

Players can make a huge cavern underground and install a whole city under it complete with towers and houses and numerous lights!

Fantasy Buildings

King’s Landing

These are one of the most popular cool things to build in Minecraft and many ventures have already been made to do so. Some of the famous ones are the King’s Landing, Minas Tirith, Mines of Moria, Battlestar Galactica and more.

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