Top 3 Best Combinations Of Agents In Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile has been launched in the beta testing phase in India. With every agent having diffrent combinations of skills here is the list of top 3 combinations agents in Apex Legends Mobile.


Apex Legends mobile offers many agents with different abilities. There are a lot of different combinations and Legend skills to work with. Due to these differences, how players use them is very important. There are many different squad combinations in Apex Legends Mobile.

Players need to be aware of that there are lots of different abilities needed to stay ahead of opponents in battlefield. Every Legend is important and brings something valuable to the team and any squad combo is important.

3 Best Combinations Of Agents In Apex Legends Mobile

#3. Octane, Bangalore and Wraith

Apex legends mobile agents
Apex Legends Mobile: Octane, Bangalore and Wraith

This is a squad combination specifically designed for players with an aggressive style of playing. This demands combination demands a quick gameplay for an action-packed gaming experience in Apex Legend Mobile. Each of these characters excels in their own way.

These agents are very good at winning individual battles and can escape easily if the fight is not in their favor. Bangalore, with its passive Double Time, can easily evade attacks with a brief increase in sprint speed. Wraith, on the other hand, can create a portal and help teammates escape or quickly reposition, avoiding all damages. Octane can boost his movement speed a pretty serious amount, and his jump pads allow for the whole team to gain new positions quickly.

#2. Gibraltar, Lifeline and Wraith

Apex legends mobile agents
Team Combination Of Lifeline, Gibraltar and Wraith

This is one of the best Apex Legends team combinations if you find yourself taken down by enemies very often. The Dome of Protection can keep you safe, while you activate the ability to bring in Mortar Strikes to deal with any enemies attacking.

With Lifeline in the pack, healing should be easily done. This Apex Legend Mobile team combination is more geared towards players who often gets flanked or find themselves under attack. While its mobility isn’t great at all, but you don’t need to be a highly mobile hunter of enemies.

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#1. Bloodhound, Bangalore and Wraith

Apex legends mobile agents
Bloodhound, Wraith and Bangalore COmbination

This Apex Legends Mobile team combination takes advantage of Wraith’s foresight. Using that Legend’s ability to stay aware of incoming enemies, your entire team should know of any approaching threats. Bangalore can then utilize smoke bombs to catch the enemies before they manage to approach. If this plan doesn’t go off properly, Double Time then works as an escape.

Bloodhound’s ability will allow them to see directly through the smoke bombs. When this goes right, team that attack can be anticipated and can be finished using Apex Legends team combination.

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