Battlegrounds Mobile India: Top 3 best emerging players of BGMI

With BGMI slowly gripping India's gaming community, these emerging players are making a mark through their astonishing gameplay. Read the article to know more.

Top 3 best emerging players of BGMI
Battlegrounds Mobile India
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Gamers across India couldn’t keep their calm as their favourite PUBG Mobile had made a comeback after several months with a new name and with various appealing rewards. With this new game, came many emerging players of BGMI. In this article we are going to mention 3 best emerging players of BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India was downloaded rapidly by the gamers across India which helped it to reach 5M downloads within just few days of its release. We often look at our favourite streamers of the game to learn about their gameplay techniques and implement the same in our gameplay. Apart from well-known players like Mortal, Scout, Jonathan, these players are playing hard to make a mark in the Indian gaming community.

Down below, we take a look at the Top 3 best emerging players of BGMI

Top 3 emerging players of BGMI


S Power or Rudra B has over 1.12 lakh subscribers in his youtube channel. He’s one of the youngest players of BGMI. He made himself known through his aggressive gameplay in PUBG Mobile. Noble ESports signed him in 2020 which made him the youngest Indian esports athelete to represent an international organisation. This 14 year old boy plays the role of an assaulter in the game.

He has recently been playing Scrims organised by Villagers ESports for GodLike team and has been dominating every match. His 1v4 clutches are awe-inspiring. Apart from being a deadly BGMI player, he’s a die hard fan of anime as well.

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2. DaljitSK

Top 3 best emerging players of BGMI
Daljit Sk

DaljitSK or Daljit Singh Khangura hails from Punjab and currently plays for TeamIND. Daljit previously played for Team OR. H has over 2.83 lakh subscribers in his youtube channel. Daljit led his team to win the Matrix Premier Cup. After making his mark on PUBG Mobile, Daljit is now turning heads with his astonishing sniping skills in BGMI.

He is considered as the ‘Sniping God of PUBG in India’. Apart from his sniping skills he is also considered one of the best fraggers. Daljit was a key figure in TeamIND’S successful results in the tournaments. When PUBG Mobile was banned in India, he turned playing different games such as Among Us, COD and now, he’s back with his sniping skills in BGMI.

3. Snax Gaming

Top 3 best emerging players of BGMI
Snax Gaming

Raj Verma known by his youtube channel Snax Gaming hails from Hyderabad and shares a massive popularity of 7.39 lakh subscribers in his youtube channel. He’s currently playing for Team IND and plays the role of an assaulter for the team. He’s just 20 years old and already made a big name in Indian gaming community.

He’s one of the best assaulters of BGMI. Many youngsters look towards him as a source of inspiration for their gameplay. He is also a part of 8bitCreatives as a content creator. His 1v4 clutches is what players should look out for. He also shares tips and tricks for that are useful for the players to improve their gameplay.

These are the Top 3 best emerging players of BGMI who might achieve a remarkable feat in their gaming career and also expand the ESports community in India.

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