Top 3 Surfboard Skins In Free Fire

Garena Free Fire has a ton of in-game cosmetics, bundles and skins in the game. Here in this article we will take a look at the top 3 surfboard skins in Free Fire.

surfboard skins in free fire
Top 3 Surfboard In Free Fire
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Garena’s mobile battle royale title Free Fire is on f the most popular if not the best title in the genre. The main reason behind it’s huge success is it’s unique and immersive gameplay with lots of cosmetics and skins to choose from. Here in this article we will take a look at the top 3 surfboard skins in Free Fire.

Surfboards are long narrow boards used to glide on water or called Surfing. In Free Fire every player has a default surfboard during the dive from Aeroplane to the landing spot. The surfboard landing is a unique idea by the developers which is not seen in any Battle Royale game. The title has a ton of surfboard skins to choose from ranging from Legendary to the normal categories.

List Of Top 3 Surfboard Skins In Free Fire

3. Wasteland Survivor

wasteland survivor bundle
Wasteland Survivor Bundle

Wasteland Survivor is a cool Surfboard Skin that looks deadly. We can see three skulls in the middle of the surfboard along with two fire wheels on the two corners of the board. It’s a really radiant skin that emits an orange fire during the landing.

The captions of this Surfboard is “No time to waste in this Waste Land”. The Wasteland Surfboard will cost you 199 Diamonds from the in-game store.

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2. Raining Cash (Money Heist)

Surfboard Skins In Free Fire

The Raining Cash Surfboard comes with a pile of 10 thousand bills with FF x LCDP (La Casa de Papel) currency. This surfboard is included as one of the unique surfboards in Free Fire with a unique animation to date. Hence the name, paper bills will fly to the back like rain when you’re surfing atop of this surfboard.

This surfboard was introduced in the game as a special item with the Money Heist X Free Fire collaboration. This item is not available in the shop making it a rare and unique item for many players. That makes it one of the most valuable surfboard skins in Free Fire.

1. Magic Stick Surfboard

magic stick surfboard
Magic Stick Surfboard

The Magic Stick looks like a witch flying broomstick which is very Radiant and colorful to see. It has a blue aura emitting from its end with a blue flame that acts as a booster. It is the costliest Surfboard in the game which costs around 399 Diamonds from the in-game store.

The Captions of this Surfboard “let me show you my dark Magic!”. This is the list of top 3 surfboard skins in Free Fire.

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