Top 3 Hot Drop Locations In Kalahari Free Fire after 0B27 update

Top 3 Hot Drop Locations In Kalahari Free Fire after 0B27 update

Free Fire currently has three maps – Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory. The latest of them is Kalahari it is a desertland. The key to survival and booyah in this map is getting high-quality loot early. This article gives you the top 3 hot drop locations on the map to get high loot quickly and gain an additional advantage. But remember high loot places will always have extra enemies to avoid that get to the locations early.


Top 3 Hot Drop Locations In Kalahari

#1. Refinery

Kalahari- Hot Drop Locations

The refinery is the most challenging spot on the Kalahari map. It gives customers an excessive focus on loot, however, they have to additionally count on to have interaction in quite a few battles with foes. Lots of enemies swarm the situation; therefore, avid gamers should be alert whereas dropping right here. The refinery is the place with the highest loot on the Kalahari map as it is situated in the center of the map. It also attracts many players so stay ready for a long and early fight.

#2. Sub

The Sub

The Sub is the ultimate location on this record of challenging landing spots. Gamers would have the ability to see a considerable variety of enemies dropping around this site. Moreover, it boasts respectable loot scattered throughout the realm, together with an armory, weapons, and so forth. Sub can be a tricky place to land as it has quite tricks but also gives out high loot. Fighting here is always fun and frustrating too.

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#3. Bayfront


Bayfront is the subsequent location on this record. It unfolds throughout an unlimited land space and has quite a few buildings the place gamers can discover high-quality loot, like weapons and extra. However, gamers should be on the fixed lookout for foes and be prepared for an intense faceoff. It is always a treat to fight enemies here.

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