Top 3 places to avoid on Bermuda map in Free Fire

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Free Fire is a massively popular battle royale game with a massive player base. The game has 3 prominent maps. In this article we take a look at the 3 places to avoid on Bermuda map in Free Fire.

The game has three prominent maps, namely:

  • Bermuda
  • Kalahari
  • Purgatory

The Bermuda map is one of the most popular maps in Free Fire. The map features a massive island filled with several interesting locations and players love it.

Playstyles dictate the landing spots for the players. Some players may play aggressively and opt for early game fight with better loot. However, there are defensive players who like to play for the late game. However here are the 3 places to avoid on Bermuda map if you want a safe game.

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Top 3 places to avoid on Bermuda map

These are the top 3 dangerous places in Bermuda map Free Fire:

Bimasakti Strip

places to avoid on Bermuda map
Bimasakti Strip

The Bimasakti Strip is one of the most contested early game spots in the game. This area features only a small plateau with a few houses along a road. However, its location makes it very dangerous. It is located in the middle of the map and is contested by many players.

Players may find themselves knocked as soon as they land by other players. The loot isn’t that great either making it the top of the 3 places to avoid on Bermuda map.

Clock Tower

places to avoid on Bermuda map
Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is also a very contested hot spot on the map. The area features a few elevated buildings with a serene clock-tower in the middle. This zone has good to moderate loot. However, the risk factor in landing here is very high.

This area always features close range fights and a large number of enemies. This is one of the favourites for players to land on and is the second spot in the 3 places to avoid on Bermuda map.


places to avoid on Bermuda map

Last but not the least is the is the area called Pochinok. This location is set in the south side of the map and has a high-tier of loot available. Squad players often prioritize this area due to this factor.

The area features a ton of houses and compounds and has area for good cover.

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