Top 3 Best Situation In Which Clu Can Help You In Free Fire

Free Fire has a huge character roster to choose from Clu is a special character in the roster that can give you an unprecedented advantage on the battlefield. Here in this article we will take a look a how Clu can help you in Free Fire.

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Clu for Clash Squad Season 7
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Free Fire has a wide variety of characters in their character roster with unique special abilities. They also have some special characters that are based on the real-life celebrities as well. Clu can help you in Free Fire at various situation on the battlefield. At the moment of writing this article there are around 37 characters in Free Fire.

Characters in Free Fire has two type of skills Passive and Active abilities. Here in this article we will take a look at top 3 situations in which Clu can help you in Free Fire.

Situations In Which Clu Can Help You In Free Fire

3. Rush Gameplay

Clu can help you in Free Fire
Clu Ability In Free Fire

Clu has a unique ability that can help you in various situation his skill is called ‘Tracing Steps‘. It is an active ability that gives you the info of your enemy. At Level 1, Clu can locate positions of enemies within 30m who are not in a prone or squat position for 5 seconds. The cool-down period is 50 seconds. After she reaches level 4, enemy positions will also be shared with the teammates. At the maximum level, she can locate the enemies who are within the proximity of 30m for 7 seconds.

This skill of her can be very useful while rushing on the battlefield letting you know the positions of your enemies hiding in the cover. Clu can help you play in the rush gameplay to increase your rank and K/D ratio stats and more.

2. In The Clash Squad Mode

Clu can be helpful in both the game modes Clash Squad and Battle Royale mode as well. But she can be very useful in the Clash Squad mode especially as the CS modes map as the map is very small. You can use her skill to improve your rank in the clash squad mode.

Her skill can help you identify your enemies in the game even before they attack or strike you in the game.

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1. End Zones

In the final zones of the battle royale mode her skill can be very useful as it gives you the location of almost all of your enemies hiding in the cover and gives you a huge advantage on the battlefield. Her skill can also be paired with Moco to give the same info to your squad.

Her skill can also be very helpful if paired with pets like Dreki as it gives you the information of enemies using medkits in the prone situation too. These are te top 3 situations where Clu can help you in Free Fire.

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