Top 3 tips to beat Witches in Minecraft!

The Witches in Minecraft are a very dangerous mob that can be easily defeated by following the tips down below!

Witches in Minecraft
Witches in Minecraft (image via. Pintrest)

Minecraft has a variety of mobs that they can encounter in the dimensions of the game. The Witch is a dangerous hostile mob and here are some tips to beat Witches in Minecraft with ease.

Minecraft has a fair share of hostile mobs that will attack the player on sight. These mobs are found in all the dimensions, be it Overworld, the Nether or the End Dimension. Among the mobs in the Overworld, a peculiar and dangerous one is the witch. The Witch can commonly be found in Swamps or in rare cases, in caves and attack with their speciality, potions!

Here are some tips and tricks to beat Witches in Minecraft!

Top 3 tips to keep in mind to beat Witches in Minecraft

Witches in Minecraft
Witches in Minecraft (image via. lookingforseed)

The Witch is a very dangerous mob which is especially potent because of its ability to throw potions at the player. These can give a variety of harmful effects and it can also heal itself when low on health!

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Pick great Armor

Witches in Minecraft
Armor in Minecraft (image via.

This tip is a no-brainer when fighting any strong mob in Minecraft. Armor are very varied and provide defense according to the item they are made up with. The best armor is the Netherite Armor. These have the highest defensive stat and can tank a lot of damage with the proper enchantments.

However, a great option is an Iron armor with damage reduction enchantments, and it can help greatly when fighting this mob.

Carry Food

YouTube: Nick Lewanowicz

This is another useful tip when fighting the Witch and that is to carry food with themselves. Food is the main source of healing in the game and can save the players in sticky situations. Some great food items are Cooked Pork, Cooked Steak, Golden Carrots and Golden Apples.

These are especially useful to beat Witches in Minecraft because of their ability to do high damage with Poison and Instant Damage Potions.

Ranged Weapons

Witches in Minecraft
Trident Minecraft

And lastly we have the best tip to fight a Witch in Minecraft, and that is to use ranged weapons instead of Melee ones. Since Witches need to be close in order to throw the potions at players, using a ranged weapon keeps the player from any potential harm.

Weapons like Bows, Crossbows and Trident can be used from a range and can also be further enchanted to deal huge amounts of damage! There is no need for defense if you can kill it from a range without taking any damage!

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