Top 3 uses for Cats in Minecraft!

Cats are one of the most desired pets in Minecraft and they come with their own inbuilt defence functions to protect its owners!

Cats in Minecraft
Top 3 uses for Cats in Minecraft!
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Cats are cute mobs in Minecraft that the players can tame and keep to themselves as their companion. In this article we take a look at the top 3 uses for Cats in Minecraft.

Cats are passive mobs that are found naturally spawning in villages, witch huts and in jungles. Jungles have the ocelot which will turn into a cat when tamed. Cats can be tamed with fish and are life-long companions once tamed. Cats may look passive, but they do have some uses that will come in handy to the players on many occassions.

Down below are the top 3 uses for Cats in Minecraft.

Cats in Minecraft: Top 3 perks in owning a cat!

Cats in Minecraft
Cats in Minecraft

Cats in Minecraft are passive feline mobs that can be tamed using fish, but players need to be careful to not scare it away!

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Cats will give players free gifts!

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Tamed Cats have a chance of dropping a selection of items when they are near a sleeping player. When sleeping, the cats will move towards the player, if not sitting, and go sleep with them.

Upon waking up they can drop anyone of these:

Cats will scare away creepers

Cats in Minecraft
Cats in Minecraft scares Creepers

Creepers are one of the most feared mobs in the game for their damage and silent sneak attacks. However, Creepers are very afraid of cats and will generally run away from them.

Having a Cat around will make sure that no Creepers ever bother you again!

Phantoms are scared of Cats

Cats in Minecraft
Phantoms are scared of cats

The Cats are surely a guardian spirit for the player because so many hostile mobs fear it! Phantoms are flying hostile undead mobs that spawn when the player hasn’t died or slept for more than 3 days.

Phantoms are really scared of cats and will not attack the player when a cat is near them.

Cats in Minecraft are very useful for their strange but effective defensive properties on top of being a adorable pet.

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