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Top 4 tips to beat the Wither in Minecraft!

The Wither in Minecraft is a dangerous side-boss mob that can explode when near and here are some great ways to beat them!

Wither in Minecraft (image via. rockpapershotgun.com)

The Wither boss in Minecraft is very well-known side-boss that can be summoned by the players. Here are some tips and tricks to beat the Wither in Minecraft which can be very helpful!

The Wither is a side-boss that can be summoned by player after collecting three Wither Skeleton heads. They can be set up on a Soul Sand base and the Wither boss will come to life. It is an undead mob that can set up and throw explosives at the player and has a health pool larger than the Ender Dragon.

Here are some tips to beat the Wither in Minecraft.

4 tips to beat the Wither in Minecraft

Use Ranged Weapons

Crossbows (image via. Sportskeeda.com)

The primary tip for the players is to use ranged weapons instead of melee ones. Ranged weapons will allow the players to chip away at the health of the Wither in Minecraft from a far away distance.

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Weapons like Bows, Crossbows and Tridents are great weapons with high damage numbers. They can also be enchanted with great damage dealing properties to make them more effective.

Get Blast Protection Gear

Blast Protection Armor Minecraft (image via. gamerevolution.com)

The Wither mob specialises in area wide blast damage from projectiles and self inflicted blasts. These blasts do a ton of damage to any mob or entity in the area around them. To reduce taking damage from these blasts, players can invest in making Blast Protection enchanted armor.

This enchantment is available in the Enchanting Table and can be applied to Chestplates and Leggings.

Use Enchantments

The Wither is a end game boss that is hard to find and therefore, players should have ample amounts of Enchantments by then. Enchanting your items, armors and weapons are a easy way to beat the Wither!

Fight the Wither in an enclosed space

YouTube: wattles

One trick that the players can employ to defeat the Wither with very less issues is to fight it in an enclosed space. Players can summon the Wither inside a cave or a player-made tunnel to restrict its movements as it tries to fly out of range as soon as it spawns.

The blocks keep it near and allows the players to hit it with a melee weapon.

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