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With the best 5 agents to play in Valorant, let's get the Breeze going gamers!


Valorant is Riot Games’ 5v5 Competitive shooter that is taking the eSports world by storm, and much like other map analysis, there are Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze in spite of most agents being useful in their own ways. Valorant lets its players pick from a wide range of variety from a roster of 15 unique agents to play in 6 different maps. The newest addition to Valorant’s map is Breeze. Breeze is quite a more extensive map with huge open spaces and very few covers, a bigger version of Icebox.

There is a huge sense of verticality on the map, which is quite extensive and well spread than any of the existing maps, promising better map gameplay rather than only site battles, to mention, the mid. To keep in pace with the competitive queue soon to released and the solo breeze option disabled, we must look out for the best agents to play on the map, Breeze.

Here are the top 5 agents to play in Breeze along with their abilities, usage and tips on how to play.

Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze
Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze

Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze:

The landscape of Breeze is centered around a beach with a vintage castle and a whole lot of cobblestones, all pointing towards an island-themed; the presence of a lot of verticality and long angles with powerful high ground positions and Operator angles in the map suggests that the map is be an attacker-sided map.

Furthermore, the gameplay of agents in the map trailer and take on superior Operator exploit already gave an idea of the map being Jett’s playground. The top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze consist of two duelists, two sentinels and one controller.


VIPER : Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze
VIPER : Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze

Viper should have arrived in the S-tier soon enough after her astounding buff, and Breeze gave her the perfect opportunity to climb up the meta. Viper has received a ton of buffs over time and has been getting more and more play in pro matches. Viper’s signature ability, toxic screen, giving instant 50 decay is what makes her shine and one of the best in Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze. Apart from that, her poison cloud and snake bite can create some of the best one ways and clear angles of the map respectively.

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Being a open map, other controllers might face challenges in controlling bomb sites and mid areas with their limited smokes. Viper, on the other hand, can simply wall the necessary regions to both prevent flanks and give decay. To end with, Viper’s Pit is most useful in retaking site holdings, especially B Main, with so many angles to cover. Pick Viper and learn some lineups in breeze, and you will be good to go.

#2. JETT

Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze
JETT: Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze

Jett, never out of the S-tier, has never failed to be the most picked agent in almost all maps and never came down the meta since her origin. She is one of the best duelists out there, with some of the best moves; literally. Jett established herself as one of the premier Duelists of Valorant and one of the top 5 agents to play in Breeze. She’s the best OPer in the game, has incredible clutch/Ace potential with her ultimate, and provides a surprising amount of utility with her smokes since she can set up instant one-ways.

Breeze being such an open map, we can see most players with an OP in their hands; and who’s better at OP than Jett? Her signature ability, Tailwind, makes her almost invulnerable to OP shot miss, given she can flee at a missed shot, unlike any other agents and save her from dangerous positions. Her Smokes, and Updraft allows quick cover for herself if she’s being pushed out of her position and to get a better vantage point with her Operator. respectively. She excels in this open map, and her high precision knife ult, Bladestorm, can leave no enemy fearless.

#3 Sage

SAGE: Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze
SAGE: Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze

Right off the S-Tier even after being nerfed from her former glory, Sage has worked her way back into the fold with her recent prominence in EU’s First Strike tournament. With one of the best ultimate in-game, Sage can create a difficult game zone for her opponents and is quite under-evaluated in her game place. But what makes her one of the Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze? Her walls, yeah you heard it correct.

With her signature ability to Heal herself and her teammates, Sage is a staple in most games, although she doesn’t provide as much intel as other controllers do. Her slow orbs do pretty much the same as in other maps, to slow her enemies. What makes her stronger on the map are Barrier placements to throw off the enemy’s aim. With such an extensive map, throwing off the enemy’s hitbox with off angles created with walls, there’s always easy kills. And that’s what we are here for right?

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SKYE: Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze
SKYE: Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze

Just after sage, we have another sentinel, and it’s Skye. Skye seems to finally have found a map to be useful enough and although she is not much in other maps, Skye can be a beast in Breeze with her raw abilities. She is a better intel gathering sentinel than sage, and nothing’s better than having the enemy’s whereabout information in such an extensive map. With her scouting, and engage abilities, she is definitely one of the Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze, if not in any other.

While we opted out Sova as a great pick for Breeze, Skye will be more valuable to the team because of her ability kit. She can use her Guiding Light hawk over the map which not only flashes the enemy team, but will give away their locations as well. Her Trailblazer ability is also perfect for clearing close corners and stunning the enemy team for a quick pick off. She can, likewise, heal damaged allies on the battlefield, along with using her Seekers ultimate to track down the enemy team’s whereabouts.


YORU: Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze
YORU: Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze

Just like Skye, Yoru had not been able to establish much significance in other maps with his abilities. With his mind-games enough to trick the opponents, Yoru definitely has a place in Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze, if not any other. Yoru is a unique agent that excels both in solo play and playing with a team, with his flashes, Blindside, being quite powerful for both himself and his team. Yoru’s first ability, Bait or Fakeout, is able to simulate footsteps in a selected location and at all times.

The large map is filled with crevices, flanks, and long sightlines, allowing him to Gatecrash behind the opposing team unheard. While teleporting is extremely risky on the other maps, Gatecrash can easily get players in a safe flank position without the enemies noticing on Breeze. Yoru’s ultimate works in a similar fashion, helping you get behind the opposing team or simply offering intel. Since the sites are wide open, the duelist’s flash may be one of the best options to toss it deep onto a site to blind the opponents, as opposed to shorter-range flashes that can easily be jiggle-peeked.

That being said, while there’s never only 5 best agents for anyone in particular, these Top 5 Agents to Play in Breeze can be one of the best comp to help you capitalize on Breeze’s open spaces. Let’s get the Breeze going gamers!

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