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Top 5 AK Gun Skins In Free Fire Max For October 2021

Garena's title Free Fire Max offers improved graphics making it viable to use special gun skins in the game. Here we will take a look at the top 5 AK gun skins in Free Fire Max for October 2021.

Top 5 AK Gun Skins In Free Fire Max

Garena’s premium title Free Fire Max gives improved in-game mechanics and graphics for players to enjoy the title. Just like its predecessor Free Fire Max also offers special in-game gun skins. Here we will take a look at the top 5 AK gun skins in Free Fire Max for October 2021.

Developers provide a huge bundle of gun skins and cosmetics for players to choose from in-game stores in Fre Fire Max. Gun skins have become an important asset for players to have on the battlefield. Aside from these aesthetics and the looks the skins also provide stats boost to players on the battleground.

List Of Top 5 AK Gun Skins In Free Fire Max

5. Flaming Red AK

Flaming Red AK In Free Fire

Flaming Red AK depicts fire we can see a beam of fire emitting from the gun. It’s red in colour with a mix of orange to it and seems deadly. It’s not as deadly as it depicts but has a good damage rate with ‘++’. The gun skin also provides a range boost and reduces the magazine of the gun.

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4. Unicorn AK

AK is the most renowned gun in all of the mobile battle royale genre known for its high damage and rate of fire. After equipping the Unicorn’s Rage skin to this gun makes the gun an absolute overpowered beast. It increases the damage along with the accuracy of the gun.

The only downside of the gun skin is that it reduces the gun’s magazine capacity which can be negated by using higher magazine add-ons. However, the increased accuracy compensates for the shorter magazine capacity.

3. Valentine AK

Valentine AK

Valentine’s AK is very colourful and by far the most appealing AK gun skin in free Fire. It depicts love as the gun is Pink in colour with added blue shades to it. Pink heart bubbles keep on emitting from it. The gun gives a damage boost and decreases the magazine of the gun.

The main attribute of the skin is the increased accuracy of the weapon which is one attribute that AK always lacks. The gun already has a high rate of fire with increased damage as well.

2. Dragon AK

This gun skin is a beast of all both in terms of aesthetics and attributes. As we can predict from the name itself it’s the way it is Dragon AK. The skin has got very good damage and a good rate of fire which is the best for both short and long-range gunfights.

The only downside of the skin is the magazine i.e., not up to the mark which can be a problem at times in this AK.

1. Blue Flame Draco AK

Best AK Skins In Free Fire Max

The Blue Flame Draco AK skin is an Evo skin that includes features like hit, kill, firing effect, kill announcement, exclusive emote, etc. The skin was previously available in the Faded Wheel portion of Free Fire. The skin offers high damage and a higher rate of fire making it more desirable among players. The gun also decreases the movement speed while using the gun.

However, it is very rare to find amongst Free Fire players making it not only the best but the rarest among this list as well. Blue Flame Draco AK is the top pick of the top 5 AK skins in Free Fire Max.

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