Top 5 AK gun skins in Free Fire

Free Fire developers have added a range of gun skins to the game. Take a look at this to find out the Top AK skins in Garena Free Fire

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Free Fire offers a lot of in-game cosmetics to the players. Apart from this, the game also has a range of gun skins. The gun skins come under two categories one themed and another legendary. Every skin is unique in its own attributes and power. AK 47 is an automatic rifle in Free Fire and is also one of the most used weapons in Free Fire. Players often opt for AK due to its massive range and rapid rate of fire. In this article, we take a look at the top 5 AK skins in Free Fire.

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Top 5 AK Gun skins

1.Draco AK

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Top 5 AK gun skins in Free Fire 5

The Draco AK is one of the most epic gun skins ever witnessed in Free Fire. It comes with a special hit effect, kill effect, and also an exclusive emote. Draco AK is an Evo gun that enhances ability on upgrading levels. At the max level, it has a double rate of fire and single damage. With its rapid rate of fire, players can easily drag up to secure headshots.

2.Dragon AK

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Top 5 AK gun skins in Free Fire 6

The Dragon AK ruled all the other gun skins until the arrival of Draco AK. It has a deadly look and offers vicious damages to the enemies. It’s attributes are double damage, single rate of fire and a minus in magazine. The negative magazine does not make any difference due to its double damage. Dragon AK is one of the top contenders for the best AK gun skin in Free Fire.

3.Winterlands AK

Winterlands AK 1 - FirstSportz

The Winterlands AK is yet another powerful gun skin that comes with Double Damage, a single increase in accuracy. However, it has a slower reload speed as compared to the normal AK. This can be a huge drawback for the players who wish to play in an aggressive manner. Players must make sure that they proper cover when firing this weapon.

4. Flame AK

Flame AK - FirstSportz
Top 5 AK gun skins in Free Fire 7

Flame AK is one of the underrated AK skin. At the same time, it comes with a double increase in damage and also offers an additional range to the players. This can prove to be advantageous to the players who can provide solid support from the long. This gun can easily secure headshots. After the latest update, the game developers have enhanced the attributes of Flame AK.

5. Evil Pumpkin AK

Pumpkin AK - FirstSportz
Top 5 AK gun skins in Free Fire 8

Evil Pumpkin AK looks like a Halloween skin that is glowing bright and is radiant to see. It has a single rate of fire which is average and also comes with double accuracy which makes sure that the bullets are stuck to the enemies. However, it has a decrease in range which might not be useful to the players who wish to play from the long. Players can use attachments like scopes and muzzles to improve it’s range. This was the list of Top 5 AK skins in Free Fire.

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