Top 5 AWM Skins In Free Fire After OB28 Update

Free Fire has a huge arsenal of weapons with different categories. Here in this article we will take a look at the list of top 5 AWM skins in Free Fire after OB28 update.

Top 5 AWM Skins In Free Fire
Top 5 AWM Skins In Free Fire
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Free Fire is the most popular title in the mobile battle royale genre. The title has a huge weapon roster with a number of bundles and skins in the store. Here in this article we will take a look at the Top 5 AWM skins in Free Fire after OB28 update.

The AWM is a very powerful gun and players love to use it to snipe opponents from a distance. Legendary gun skins have great potential to increase weapon stats. AWM is one of the most popular weapons in Free Fire for sniper players – it is much more powerful than the Kar98k and the M82B in eliminating people, with a hidden bonus damage stat on headshots.

Top 5 AWM Skins In Free Fire

5. Cheetah AWM

awm cheetah skin
AWM Cheetah

This is a bright yellow colored skin with black spots all over it. This is a very popular skin among the players. Likewise it improves its damage greatly, which allows the gun to become a potent one-shot-one-kill machine. However this comes with a decrease in the magazine size.

4. Tagger’s Revolt

Tagger's Revolt AWM Skin
Tagger’s Revolt

It is one of the most colorful skins for the weapon. The weapon is a mishmash of different colors with graffiti all over it. This skin increases its magazine size by 2 while also increasing the reload speed. However the skin reduces accuracy which is very concerning.

3. Valentine AWM Skin

Valentine's AWM Skin
Valentine’s AWM Skin

The Valentine AWM is a colorful and impressive skin for the gun. The color palette involves shades of pink, blue and violet. It also sports two hearts in the middle. The skin gives a boost to the rate of fire and reload speed for the weapon. However the size of the magazine is reduced.

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2. PlayBoy AWM Skin

Top 5 AWM Skins In Free Fire

The skin is a shade of orange with a white strip running down the middle of the weapon. It also sports flames and a man in the middle. The skin improves the rate of fire of the gun. However it decreases the size of the magazine.

1. AWM Duke SwallowTail

Duke Swallowtail Skin
AWM Duke Swallowtail

The Duke Swallowtail AWM skin is perhaps the most appealing for a gun. This weapon is decorated with a butterfly fluttering its wings on the pistol. The gun is red in color with a pink aura that floats around it.

The skin increases the firing speed and magazine capacity of AWM. However, it reduces its reloading speed. This is the list of top 5 awm skins in Free Fire.

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