Top 5 best Call of Duty Mobile players

COD Mobile is meant for both casual gamers and ones that go above and beyond to be the best. We take a look at 5 of the best call of duty mobile players.


COD Mobile is a game that caters to players from a wide variety of skill levels. Some people play casually for fun, some people simply pass time with the game and others go full on. It it an engaging mobile FPS game and has players from around the world racking up kills and throwing down scorestreaks. The game has also come a long way and is in it’s twelfth season. Over this long period, a few gamers have proven that they are a different breed. here are the top 5 best Call of Duty Mobile players from across the globe.

Best Call Of Duty mobile Players


iFerg is a master at FPS games and one of the best Call of Duty mobile players. He plays a lot of them but he is especially good with Call Of Duty mobile. he has amassed over 1.5 million subscribers on youtube. He has crazy mobility and is deadly with the Annihilator.


HawksNest is a youtuber that creates guides for players and showcases his tactics and thinking so that other players can learn from him and get better. His youtube channel is basically a guide to improving at the game. He not only has gameplay but also has guides for various control schemes, optimal settings, loadouts and much more. He has almost reached 500,000 subscribers.


Godzly is a COD Mobile veteran and is constantly changing up his game. He is always experimenting with configurations and loadouts yet somehow remains consitent on the scoreboard. He seems to be in his bag with any weapon and on any map. His fearless and adaptive playstyle makes him deadly. He has 172k Subscribers on YouTube.


Jokesta is another call of duty mobile youtuber who is known for his fearless and aggressive playstyle. He seems to spot and nick some wild wallbangs in unlikely spots and has a lethal trigger finger. When he’s not dominating the scoreboard he usually focuses on unlocking the craziest skins in the game.

Knifes IOS

This is gonna sound crazy, but this YouTuber made it to Legendary Rank by using ONLY KNIVES throughout. KnifesIOS is a god with melee weapons and somehow manages to carry his team without actually shooting. Who said you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight?

That was our list for the five best call of duty mobile players around the world.

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