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Top 5 Best characters in Free Fire in October 2021 after the latest update

This article will list the top 5 best characters in Free Fire after the most recent OB30 update. These characters can also be a prime choice for rank push.

Free Fire’s addition of characters is known to be one of the unique elements of the game. Here are the top 5 Best characters in Free Fire to use in October 2021 after the latest update.

Free Fire has unique in-game elements like Characters, pets, a wide array of collectables that are not available in other titles on the platform. Recently, the OB30 update was launched with new features and additions, also the enhanced version i.e., Free Fire MAX was also released. Apart from these changes and additions, players still find ways to ace in the game. Usage of Characters that have unique skills is one aspect that eases your winning process.

There are a total of 42 characters in the Free Fire, and choosing an ideal character is quite tricky. This article will focus on simplifying the quest of choosing a good character to improve your gameplay in Free Fire and in the MAX version as well.

5 Best characters in Free Fire after the OB30 update

5 Skyler


Skyler is one of the most usable characters in Free Fire. His ability will destroy gloo walls and leave the enemies uncovered. This ability can be most useful for players who play aggressively.

Besides thrashing the enemy’s gloo walls, the ability also restores HP when a gloo wall is deployed. Hence this ability suits defensive gameplay as well as the aggressive one.

4 K


K has a unique healing ability in the game, unlike other healing characters. It will be confusing for beginners who use this character, but when they get used to it, his ability can be as good as overpowered.

While most of the characters restore HP, this character restores EP and converts it into HP at a faster rate, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity. This character can save your whole squad when you guys need health.

3 Wukong


Wukong has been nerfed in the OB27 update and in the recent update as well. Despite these changes, it is a great character for competitive gameplay and for rank pushers, especially for solo rank pushers.

The camouflage ability can convert the player into a bush and it lets the player surprise take down their opponents. Players should not waste their chance after converting into a bush, otherwise, you would have to wait to get the skill back. However, the skill will be reset after you have obtained a kill.

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2 Alok

DJ Alok

DJ Alok continues to be the best and most used character in the game. His ability is so versatile which comes in handy in various situations. Also, his ability can create an aura which gives the teammates HP and movements speed increase in the aura.

Alok is one of the most coveted characters in Free Fire and his healing ability can be used while the player in motion.

1 Dimitri


Dimitri is another great choice for players to heal their health in the game. It is a perfect counter skill to DJ Alok, which was added into the game after the OB29 update.

His Healing Heartbeat ability assists players in creating a 3.5mm healing zone. Within the zone, players may heal themselves at a rate of 3 HP each second. In addition, the talent assists teammates in self-recovery after being knocked down.

Note: Choosing a character is entirely subjective. Users can choose any character based on their preference and gameplay style

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