Top 5 Best Female Valorant Teams: The real Game Changers

Best Female Valorant Teams
Best Female Valorant Teams

Valorant esports is on the rise right now. Teams from around the world are evolving every day to be the best team in the world. Even female teams in Valorant are not that far. Best Female Valorant Teams are changing the stereotypes in the gaming industry.

Best Female Valorant Teams

There are no international Valorant events for females as of now but we can hope we will see some of them very soon. VCT Game Changers program aims to foster an inclusive environment for competition and create safe opportunities for women to compete without fear of identity or gender-based harassment. Here are the 5 Best Female Valorant Teams.

5. Dignitas

Dignitas is an American esports organization. They parted ways with their Male roster a few months back but their female roster never disappointed them.

The roster consists of :

Emmalee ” EMUHLEEL” Garrido

Amanda “rain” Smith

Melisa “Theia” Mundorff

Juliana “showliana” Maransaldi

Stefanie ” Stefanie ” Jones

Best Female Valorant Teams
Best Female Valorant Teams


TENSTAR is a British esports organization. In July 2021, TENSTAR signed orgless European team Prestigious Women to compete as TENSTAR Nova who got later replaced in August 2021 by signing a new orgless team called GangsterzZ.

The roster consists of:

Asma “Lirilia” Boughida 

Mathilde “Nelo” Beltoise 

Lucy “Sliicyy” Tran 

Nouhara “Ninou” Marcos  

Clara “Cla” Rossi  

Best Female Valorant Teams
Best Female Valorant Teams

3. Alter Ego Celestè

Alter Ego is an Indonesian esports organization. In March 2021, Alter Ego signed orgless Southeast Asian team Celeste Esports as Alter Ego Celestè. Their roster has:

Ryona “Tarathiel” Tan

Odella “enerii” Abraham

Dhammamitta “margeaux” Marvella

July “Eisberg” Kusuma

Risalma “oreopheliaa” Agnia

Nurul “Ayumiii” Aini

Best Female Valorant Teams
Best Female Valorant Teams

2. Shopify Rebellion

Shopify Rebellion is an American organization that joined VALORANT recently with their female roster. The team consists of:

Kayla “flowerful” Horton

Diana “diana” Zhang

Vannesa “panini” Emory

Kiana “KP” Lytle

Han “it no han” Nguyen

Lorrian “Lorri” Elad

Best Female Valorant Teams
Best Female Valorant Teams

1. Cloud 9 White

Cloud9 is a North American esports organization currently fielding North American and South Korean teams in VALORANT. They also feature players and teams in Hearthstone, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Fortnite, and Rainbow Six: Siege. Additionally, Cloud9 manages the London Spitfire spot in the Overwatch League.

In October, Cloud9 signed orgless North American team MAJKL to compete in First Strike as Cloud9 White.

The best female team consists of:

 Alexis “alexis” Guarrasi

Annie “Annie” Roberts

Jasmine “Jazzyk1ns” Manankil


Melanie “meL” Capone.

Best Female Valorant Teams
Best Female Valorant Teams

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