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Top 5 Best Free Fire Characters for Factory Challenge in September 2021

Here are the best Free Fire characters for Factory Challenge. Choose from the best character to win the battle every time!

Free Fire Factory Challenge is a customized game mode that players can organize themselves. Here are the best Free Fire characters for the Factory challenge to pick from in order to win the combat.

Free Fire is a quick-paced Battle Royale game that offers unique in-game elements such as characters, game modes, pets and many more. Characters are a unique addition that this BR game has made unlike other titles on the platform. Factory challenge is a custom-designed challenge popularized by many Free Fire YouTubers. This article takes a look at the top 5 male characters for the factory top challenge.

Players will jump onto the Factory in Bermuda and they are supposed to have complete chaos there. The mode also has some options that players can choose to make the game more enjoyable. Let us look at the characters we should use in Factory Challenge.

Best Free Fire characters for the Factory challenge

5. Joseph


Joseph is one of the male characters in Free Fire. He has an ability called ‘Nutty Movement.’ This ability will help[ you in increasing your movement speed and sprinting speed by 10% upon taking damage. In hand-to-hand close combats, you will get easy damage from your opponents and this character will help you in easing things by letting you escape from the spot. You can choose Kelly or Elite Kelly in his place.

4. Skyler


Skyler is one of the best characters in Free Fire. His unique ability named “Riptide Rhythm” is not only capable of demolishing gloo walls but also improves the HP of players for every gloo wall deployed. The Factory Challenge requires players to enter into early fights resulting in HP loss. Recovery can be done by deploying gloo walls on the battlefield. This new character is definitely making a huge impact in the game.

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3. K


K has the best healing ability in Free Fire and he is not a bad choice for Factory Challenge. His ability has two modes, namely Jiujutsu mode and Psychology Mode. You can make the most out of his ability by jumping in and out of the combat.

2. Alok

DJ Alok

Who would miss Alok when it comes it best characters? He is the most used character in Free Fire the last year and he continues to be the most coveted character in the game. Alok’s ability can improve movement and sprinting speed by 5% and restore 5HP for 5 seconds.

1. Kla


Factory challenge is all about fistfights and in Free Fire, we have a character that is specially designed for Fistfights. Perhaps, Kla is made for Factory Challenge especially and this character comes at 1st place when you consider Factory Challenge. At the first level, the fist damage increases by 100%, increasing by 400% at the maximum level 6.

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