Top 5 Best Guns In Free Fire

Garena Free Fire has a huge arsenal of weapons in game to choose from. Here in this article we will take a look at top 5 best guns in Free Fire for players to choose from.

Top 5 Best Guns In Free Fire
Top 5 Guns In Free Fire
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Garena Free Fire has a huge arsenal of weapons to help players on the battlefield. Here in this article we will take a look at the list of top 5 best guns in Free Fire to choose from.

In the mobile battle royale genre choosing a right gun for you is the most crucial step on the battlefield. With Free Fire having a plethora of weapons in their arsenal to choose from. In this case there are chances you might end up choosing a wrong gun for yourself and could not win the game.

List Of Top 5 Best Guns In Free Fire

5. M14-y


The M14 is one of the most powerful guns in free fire as it has high damage and is a brilliant long-range gun. It isn’t the best short-range gun as SMG and AR guns have a much better fire rate. There is a new variant to the gun by the name M14-y it has a special attachment “Rage Core“. M14 Rage Core will allow you to use the gun in an equally efficient way in short-range as it increases the fire rate while maintaining high damage.

This in case make it the ideal gun for you to use on the battlefield in both long-range and mid to short range as well.

4. MP5-x

Best Guns In Free Fire

MP5 is an SMG in Free Fire which not only works for Close-range but also mid-range too. Players must notice that this gun is used also in Tournaments which speaks of its effectiveness and some players also use it with AWM. It has decent damage in Mid-range and high reload speed.

It’s special attachment variant makes it more deadly as it increases it’s already monstrous rate of fire more while maintaining it’s accuracy and damage. This makes this gun a goto option on the battlefield in close range combats.

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3. VSS-x

riper bullets in free fire
Best Guns In Free Fire: Riper Bullets

VSS is a unique gun among the others, it comes pre equipped with a silencer and a scope. This gun uses SMG ammo and deals good damage at a decent fire rate. It also has s special variant with special attachment “Riper Bullets“. VSS-X is used a lot in many Free Fire pro tournaments right now because of its versatility.

It has a built-in silencer and a scope, making it very annoying for the enemy to deal with. The VSS-X variant also makes the enemy bleed faster when they are knocked out. Another great thing about the VSS-X is that it used SMG ammo, which is very common around the map, and you stored extra ammo for your SMG.

2. AWM

Best Guns In Free Fire

AWM Sniper Rifles aren’t available at the usual loot spots on the map. They can be found in Airdrops which spawn randomly at the edge of the safe zone. Thus, to have the best possible odds of finding the AWM Sniper Rifles in your matches, always be on a lookout for drops.

The AWM uses the rarest ammo in the game, i.e. Sniper ammo, which can be found in the airdrops as well. AWM stands out from all the Snipers in Free Fire as it can eliminate enemies just by a single shot.

1. M82B

M82b in Free Fire
M82B In Free Fire

This gun has one of the best stats in the game and it has many special capabilities as well. Sniper rifles are typically damage loaded but this gun has a good mixture of accuracy and has a magazine of 8 bullets. One of the special qualities of this weapon is that it can penetrate vehicles and ice walls.

Therefore, you can use this weapon as an offensive tool for the enemies, who prefer to hide behind their ice walls. This gun is best to use on the battlefield to penetrate through gloo walls. This is the list of top 5 best guns in Free Fire.

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