Top 5 Best Kar98K Skins in Free Fire after OB28 update

Kar98K is one of the snipers featured in the Free Fire game. Here are the top 5 best Kar 98K weapon finishes in the game released so far.

best kar98k skins in free fire

Free Fire has an arsenal of firearms and exciting/appealing finishes(skins) for them. This article will list top 5 Best Kar 98 Skins in Free Fire.

Free Fire has a lot of in-game elements that players can explore in the game. The game offers various skins, cosmetics for its players via new events and updates frequently. Weapon skins and cosmetics are the most featured items in the game. There are various weapons in the game of different kinds such as Assault rifles, SMGs, Marksman Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Short guns and more. In the sniper category, the game has 3 Sniper Rifles: M82B, Kar 98K, and AWM.

In this article, we will discuss top 5 Best Kar 98K skins in Free Fire (Weapon Finishes).

Top 5 Best Kar98K skins in Free Fire

5. Great Plunder

best kar98k skins
Great plunder K98K skin

Great Plunder K98 Skin was seen in a Faded Wheel event which was released in August 2020. The skin has some premium look. The kar98 Great plunder is the most preferred skin as it will provide you the best sniping gameplay. The Great plunder is a more deadly sniper as it increases the damage for any armour. It can pierce through your opponent’s gear, a helmet or a vest. Eternal Diamond Bundle was featured along with this skin in the event.

4. Imperial Rome

As we must say, Imperial Rome K98 skin is a tremendous skin. It has great attributes like double damage and accuracy shortened. It has various colours on it which looks colourful when you equip it and play the game. It definitely makes you stand out from the crowd by its rich gold colour patterns.

3. Pharaoh’s Eye

Best k98k skins in free fire
Pharaoh’s Eye skin

The Pharaoh’s Eye skin improves the range of the gun which is considered to be a disadvantage when you look at other sniper rifles in the game. This firearm will improve the effective range of the Kar98K and players can play & snipe easily by using this weapon finish in the game. The skin resembles the appearance of the Egyptian style of Decoration with medical supplies wounding it.

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2. Star Soul

Adobe Post 20210623 1636120.07108426157932901 - FirstSportz
Kar98 Ice blue

The Kar98 Ice blue enhances the accuracy and allows the sniper rifle to hit quite precisely. It may reduce your reload speed which you barely notice and completely negligible. It looks so premium in blue and white colour finishes. It may have demerits with reload speed but it gives a boost to the accuracy which might give you a better sniping experience in the game.

1. Ice Blue

Adobe Post 20210623 1637120.1707847716051204 - FirstSportz
Kar98 Ice blue

The Kar98 Ice blue might have the same appearance as Imperial Rome does. As you must know different weapon finishes have different attributes that boost the weapon stats. Talking of this skin, it increases the weapon damage. If you equip this skin, your kar98 is similar to that of AWM. which is considered to be the best sniper in Free Fire. Its grid-style pattern and blue colour really captivate the players making it one of the most admired skins in the free fire.

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