Top 5 Best male characters in Free Fire for Clash squad in January 2021

Here are some top 5 Free Fire male characters for Clash Squad which are powerful to play and can get a Booyah!


Free Fire lets you pick from a wide selection of different characters. Each of these characters has unique abilities and is helpful on the battlefield. In this article, we take a look at the 5 best male characters in Free Fire. Lets discuss on Free Fire male characters for Clash Squad in January 2021.

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Best Free Fire male characters for Clash Squad in January 2021

CR7 Chrono:

He is a bounty hunter from another universe. He has an ability called “Time Turner”, it is an active ability.

This ability creates a force field that can negate up to 600 damage from opponents. Movement speed is also increased by 15% when surrounded by the force field, he can shoot opponents when inside the force field.

Teammates also get a 10% movement speed boost for about four seconds. The ability takes 50 seconds to cooldown.

At his max level, Chrono’s ability boosts the movement speed by 30%, while the teammate’s movement speed is increased by 15%. All the effects of the ability last only 15 seconds so better make it count.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok is one of the best characters in Free Fire. His bio says that he is a world-famous DJ. His ability is called “Drop the Beat” which is fitting considering he’s a DJ. Drop The Beat gives Alok an aura with a 5m radius. Allies in the aura will receive a 10% speed boost and increase their HP at a rate of 5HP per second for 5 seconds. Once upgraded to the highest level, the ability increases movement speed by 15% and increases the health regeneration duration to 10 seconds


Antonio, the well-known gangster has an ability called Gangster’s Spirit. It is a passive ability that gives him 10 extra Health Points (HP) when the round starts. When fully upgraded, his ability gives a bonus of 35HP. This means that at maximum level players using Antonio will start with 235 HP.


Joseph is a character with a bizarre but useful ability. Joseph’s ability is “Nutty Movement“. Nutty Movement increases movement and sprint speed by 10% when the player takes damage. At maximum level the increase in speed is 20%. This ability can help you get out of some sticky situations much easier than other characters.


Joto is a stuntman and parkour specialist. His ability is known as Sustained Raids and is a passive ability. The ability gives you 25HP for every kill you get with an SMG or a shotgun. The ability has a 5-second cooldown. At a maximum level, it gives you 40HP for each kill with SMGs and Shotguns. For players who prefer to use these guns, Joto might just be a perfect character. These are our picks for the top 5 best male characters in Free Fire. These are some of the Free Fire male characters for Clash Squad in January 2021.

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