The Top 5 Best Minecraft Village Seeds for players to explore!

Minecraft features a ton of seeds and village seeds are one of the most popular. Here's the top 5 best Minecraft village seeds that the players can start their game in!

Best Minecraft Village Seeds
Top 5 Best Minecraft Village Seeds

Minecraft’s world is open and wide and players can explore every nook and cranny of it from the highest mountains of the east and the running rivers and the endless oceans. In this article we discuss the 5 Best Minecraft Village Seeds for players to start their game off from.

Minecraft seeds are very desirable for the players, as they spawn the player into some well-known worlds with either abundant resources or a favourable starting point. Players might also use them to start off in an adventurous place for a good story. Village seeds are very preferable as they provide a ton of resources and friendly villagers right at the start of the game!

In this article we take a look at the top 5 best Minecraft Village seeds for players.

Top 5 Best Minecraft Village Seeds

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Double Village

Best Minecraft Village Seeds
Two Village

Players can start off the game with 2 villages side-by-side right off the bat. The players starts off in between one desert village and another plains village! This is one of the best Minecraft Village seeds because players can get double the loot.

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However, we can also see a Pillager tower in a distance and this can also be a challenge to the players.

Seed: 8638613833825887773

Double Village with Desert Temple

Best Minecraft Village Seeds
Desert Temple

This is another double village spawn and players can even find a rare Desert Temple in between them! The first village is in the plains biome and the second is on the Desert biome, with one even having a mineshaft under it.

The Desert Temple is between the two villages and provides some good loot to the players.

Seed: -1881547168

Village with a Shipwreck

Best Minecraft Village Seeds
Shipwreck Village

This is a very interesting village, with a shipwreck inside the village. The villagers have caved in a part of the ship and made houses right on top of it. The shipwreck also features a treasure and the village is a nice starting point for the players.

Seed: -613756530319979507

Sea-Side Village Resort

Best Minecraft Village Seeds
Sea Side Resort Village

This is one of the most cosy and charming locations a village starting point can be in. The Village is located on a long coastline with a green strip and a ocean just beyond that. This is safe haven and peaceful village life that players may desire.

Seed: 3227028068011494221

Double Village with Lava Pool

Best Minecraft Village Seeds
Lava Pool Minecraft Village

The last Best Minecraft Village Seeds includes another double village and with a lava pool right in the middle of it. The villages contain ample loot and players can make a fast Nether Portal with the surface Lava pool.

Seed: -1654510255

Double Village86386138338258877731.16-1.17
Double Village with Desert Temple-18815471681.14+
Village with a Shipwreck-6137565303199795071.14
Sea-Side Village Resort32270280680114942211.16-1.17
Double Village with Lava Pool-16545102551.16-1.17

Best Minecraft Village Seeds

These are the best Top 5 Best Minecraft Village Seeds for 2021!

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