Top 5 best weapons in Minecraft with Enchantments!

The list features weapons in Minecraft with Enchantments that are the absolute best to use against the enemies in the game!

best Weapons in Minecraft
Top 5 best Weapons in Minecraft (image via.

Minecraft is a adventure/sand-box game which gives the players a hard time surviving in the world. Weapons are a requirement and these are the top 5 weapons in Minecraft along with the best Enchantments.

Minecraft has a ton of weapons that the players can use and similarly, craft them from the scratch. These weapons are varied and can differ from melee to ranged or a combination of both. They can also be enchanted further using books or enchanting tables to make them stronger against the monsters in the game.

Here are some of the best weapons in Minecraft along with the Enchantments.

5 best Weapons in Minecraft

Bow + Infinity Enchantment

best Weapons in Minecraft
Bow (Image via .

Bows are one of the best ranged weapons in the game along with being ones of the best weapons. They can be equipped with arrows and even some tipped arrows to make them stronger.

However, undoubtedly, the Infinity Enchantment is the best pairing that the players can have with a Bow. This makes the ammo infinite and players do not have to worry about running out.

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Netherite Sword + Sharpness

best Weapons in Minecraft
Sword (image via.

Swords are the most popular melee weapons in Minecraft and definitely makes the list for the best weapons in Minecraft. The netherite sword is among the best and can be made even stronger in the damage department with the Sharpness Enchantment.

It will take up the damage by 1.25 per level which caps at Sharpness V. Players need to combine the enchanted book along with the sword in an Anvil.

Crossbow + Quick Charge

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The Crossbow is definitely a dark horse in the weapons list as it possesses super high damage but a low attack rate. This is because of its charge time to deliver the powerful arrows.

However, the Quick Charge enchantment gets rid of this disadvantage and removes the charge-up time at the highest level, that is Quick Charge III. This makes the player a cannon shooting massive damage from a range with no intervals or charge up time.

Trident + Loyalty

best Weapons in Minecraft
Tridents (image via.

Among the other weapon in Minecraft, the Tridents definitely stand out as they are the only hybrid weapon in the game. They can be used as both a melee and ranged weapon and does decent damage in both.

The other enchantments for the Trident might do more damage, but they are time specific and not consistent. However, the Loyalty one is a buff that returns the players to the player’s hand when thrown, making it a great way to never lose it.

Netherite Axe + Sharpness

best Weapons in Minecraft
Axe (image via.

The Axe is a tool to chop wood, but also possesses the highest raw attack damage out of all the weapons in the game. This weapon is further enhanced when it is made out of Netherite and can even be further enhanced with the Sharpness Enchantment.

The damage dealt by this weapon is astonishing and is definitely a top pick for the players!

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