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Top 5 Characters In Free Fire That Can Be Bought Under 10000 Gold

Free Fire has a huge roster of characters that can be acquired with either diamonds or gold from the in-game shop. Here in this article we will take a look at top 5 characters in Free Fire that can be bought under 10000 gold.

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Many of the exclusive characters in Free Fire can only be purchased by spending diamonds. Meanwhile, some can also be acquired with gold. Here in this article we will take a look at the list of top 5 characters in Free Fire that players can acquire under 10000 gold coins.

Garena Free Fire has one of the most diversified character roster with each character having unique skills to help you out on the battlefield. They have around 35+ characters in the game with unique skills and you can acquire these characters with gold coins and diamonds from the in-game shop. Given below is the list of top 5 characters in Free Fire that can be bought with gold.

Top 5 Characters In Free Fire Under 10000 Gold

5. Miguel (Crazy Slayer)

Top 5 Characters In Free Fire

Miguel has a unique ability known as ‘Crazy Slayer‘ his unique skill provides the players with an additional EP on every kill, enabling them to stay alive longer. Initially, users will get 30 EP on every kill, which will be further increased to 80 on each kill at level 6.

This EP is converted to HP (1 EP to HP per second) when the HP is not full. This ability is quite beneficial in situations where there are no medkits available. Moreover, it can be combined with characters like K and A124, enabling players to convert the gained EP even faster. The character is available for 8000 gold coins from the in-game shop.

4. Antonio (Gangster’s Spirit)

3 best characters in Free Fire for new players

Antonio is one of the older characters in Garena Free Fire that was released back in 2018. Its ability Gangster’s Spirit provides users with additional HP at the commencement of every round. Players will receive ten extra HP at the initial level, which will be buffed up to 35.

This ability certainly provides the user with an edge on the battleground as additional health points and can be helpful while taking early fights. The character is available at in-game store for 8000 Gold coins.

3. Kelly (Dash)

Stylish Guild Names in Free Fire
Kelly: Top 5 Characters In Free Fire

Kelly was the first Free Fire character to get the awakened version. The character is an excellent choice for character combination as it permanently buffs the movement speed. Initially, the increase in the movement speed is by 1% and is later increased by 6%.

The awakened version further makes the character even more valuable after the recent update as the normal, awakening, and original skills have been merged. This character is very useful as it has two abilities combined in one and can be acquired from the in-game shop with only 2000 gold coins. She is the cheapest character in terms of price in this list of top 5 characters in Free Fire.

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2. Hayato (Bushido)

best character combination for wukong
Hayato Character in Free Fire

The character increases 10% armor penetration with every 10% decrease in the maximum HP at the highest level, making it quite valuable for close-range situations when healing is not possible.

If players have the awakened version, the ability has a dual effect, i.e., it will also decrease frontal damage receive by 3.5% for every 10% loss of the maximum HP. This one can be acquired from the in-game shop at the rice of 8000 gold coins.

1. Moco (Hacker’s Eye)

top 5 characters in Free fire
Moco Character in Free Fire

She has been widely used by players in the character combination. When this character is used, the enemies will be tagged for two seconds when they are hit.

The duration of the effect is increased to five seconds at the highest level. The information provided via this ability can be used in any preferred way, i.e., for rushing on the foes, gaining a superior position, and so forth. She can be acquired from the in-game sho at the price of only 8000 gold coins.

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