Battlegrounds Mobile India: Top 5 emotes in BGMI

Emotes are a fun way to express yourslef in any battle-royale game, be it BGMI. Here is a list of Top 5 emotes in BGMI.

Top 5 emotes in BGMI
Best emotes in BGMI

The emotes in BGMI helps the players to come out of the monotonous battle-royale surrounding of the game. They provide a unique method to express yourself after a victory or a defeat. Some of the emotes are easy to find while some of them are very rare, so here we have shortilised for our readers, some of the best emotes in BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has gained substantial popularity after days of its official release. The game is relished by every player as the game has many exciting features which makes it more than just a battle-royale game. Other than legendary gun skins and outfits, BGMI has a variety of parachute skins, grenade skins for the players as well as emotes which displays the fun side of the game. Emotes are the animated feature which players love to use when they want to wave to their teammates or dance after claiming victory over the enemy. As it is said, action speaks louder than words, emotes are the best way to express yourself in any game including BGMI.

Down below, let’s take a look at some of the best emotes in BGMI.

Top 5 emotes in BGMI

1. Insect Queen

Top 5 emotes in BGMI
Insect Queen Emote

The Insect Queen emote in BGMI is a mythic emote which can be obtained after purchasing the Elite Royale Pass which costs about 800 UC. Players can grab this mythic emote once they reach 80th rank in RP. This emote is exceptional because it is specially designed for the Insect Queen outfit which can be obtained at th 100th RP Rank. The character displays her wings of the outfit and later is scared when an insect sits upon her hand.

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2. General Beetle

Top 5 emotes in BGMI
Gentle Beetle Emote

Another remarkable emote in BGMI is the General Beetle emote which is a mythic emote and can be obtained after reaching the 10th rank of the Elite Royal Pass. One of the best feature of this emote is that your character seems to be displaying skills like a modern day warrior and showing off his swordsmanship skills. This emote is specially designed for the General Beetle character which can be obtained after reaching the 100th RP rank.

3. Puppet Show

Top 5 emotes in BGMI
Puppet Show Emote

This special emote comes in with an in-game character named ‘Andy’ which could be bought using 1200 UC. It is one of the most expensive characters in the game so consequentially the character would have some unique features. One of the feature is that the character has it’s own set of emotes including the Puppet Show emote where the character Andy could be seen playing with a puppet and displaying his magician skills.

4. Bootcamp Party

The 4th emote in this list is the Bootcamp Party emote which comes in with the special in-game character named ‘Sara’ which costs 600 UC. After obtaining the character, players have to buy character shards with UC and they can unlock this special emote. The emote displays the character ‘Sara’ moving her legs at first and then jumping above doing the dab sign which is the symbol of playfulness. Players can use this fun emote after winning a match or defeating the enemy.

5. Flex Muscle

Top 5 emotes in BGMI
Flex Muscle Emote

The last but not least of this list is the Flex muscle emote which can be obtained from the Free Royal Pass. Players can enjoy this emote after they reach the 15th rank of Royal Pass. This emote is one of the best emote, specially when you want to show off your power to the enemies as well as your teammates.

These are the Top 5 emotes in BGMI.

NOTE: The list is prepared in accordance with the author’s viwes, however, the reader’s views might differ.

Which emote was the best according to you? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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