Top 5 features of COD mobile season 8


The wait for Season 8 Call Of Duty has finally ended as it has finally arrived. To the delight of fans, the new season brings exciting features with it that include a new mode, a new map and several exciting events.

Besides, the Season 8 Battle Pass is also available now which means players will be able to buy the premium pass to get
exclusive rewards.

Here are the top 5 COD Mobile Season 8 features:

1 DR-H (Scar-H)

The most famous Scar of the main COD games is also available in the Season 8. However, it is only available for those having a Premium Pass. These players will ne able to claim this at Tier 50.

2 Shrapnel Perk

This new blue perk is free and can be claimed at Tier 14 of the Battle Pass. The perk is very strong and doubles the number of lethal equipment. If this lethal equipment damages the enemy it will temporarily delay their ability to regain health.

3 New Map: Highrise Map

A new map, Highrise, has also been added to the COD but can be played on the multiplayer modes.

4 Katana Operator Skill

Another interesting thing added is a knife. It can be added via its special event. Although it has not arrived in the game yet but will be made available soon.

The current season has introduced a knife to the gunfight. Players can earn the new Katana operator skill via its special event. It hasn’t arrived in the game yet but will be made available soon.

5 Juggernaut Mode

This is an another interesting feature added to the season. In this mode a player can recieve heavy armour with lethal weapons. The other players will have to take down to him.

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