Top 5 M14 Skins in Garena Free Fire

Here are some top 5 M14 Skins in free fire that can be used during the game. Which have good stats to play.


The M14 is one of the most powerful guns in free fire as it has high damage and is a brilliant long-range gun. It isn’t the best short-range gun as SMG and AR guns have a much better fire rate. So, check out the Top 5 M14 skins that are loved by all

M14 Rage Core

M14 Rage Core is available in Classic Mode. If you haven’t heard about it already, you are in for a treat. If you are a M14 user, the M14 Rage Core will allow you to use the gun in an equally efficient way in short-range as it increases the fire rate while maintaining high damage.

M14 Skyline

The M14 Skyline skin increases the damage of the gun. We can take it in a positive way as well as a negative way. The good thing about it is that the damage is increased. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like high damage guns? The negative aspect would be the fact that it doesn’t increase the fire rate. The M14 already has a high enough damage so adding on more damage is slightly pointless.

M14 Game Streamer

The M14 Game Streamer is a great skin as it increases the damage as well as the range. This is definitely better than the M14 skyline as having a good range is extremely important for any gun, especially the ones with high damage.

  • M14 Vandal Revolt

The M14 Vandal Revolt has many benefits. It is appealing to the eyes because of the colours used. It also increases damage and accuracy. Considering that the fire rate of the M14 isn’t the best, having great accuracy is definitely a perk which it needed.

  • M14 Winterlands

The M14 Winterlands has an advantage along with a disadvantage. On one hand, the damage is increased but the on the other hand the accuracy is decreased. Free Fire players still prefer obtaining this skin as the diminished accuracy is manageable.

  • M14 Lively Beast

Last but not the least, the M14 Lively Beast is considered to be the best skin for M14. The reason is simple, it has great damage and the accuracy is on point. This is by far the most preferred skin.

If you want to make your M14 look amazing, these Top 5 M14 skins are the most popular skins in Free Fire which are easily available and totally worth it.

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