Top 5 Mistakes Players Do In Free Fire Clash Squad Mode

Free Fire has many special game modes one such game mode is it's clash squad mode. Here we will take a look at the top 5 mistakes players do in Free Fire Clash Squad mode.

Free Fire Clash Squad Mode
Free Fire Clash Squad Mode

Garena Free Fire is one of the most downloaded game in the mobile battle royale genre. It’s short and immersive gameplay gives players a huge boost in the game skills. Here in this article we will take a look at top 5 mistakes players do in Free Fire clash squad mode.

Knowing some basic and advanced Free Fire tips and tricks is an essential aspect on the road to becoming a pro player in the game. In addition to your gunfights in Free Fire, a solid strategy will keep you significantly ahead of other players in the battlefield. Whereas Free Fire clash squad mode offers you intense and close range fights as well.

Mistakes Players Do In Free Fire Clash Squad Mode

5. Use Gloo Walls Wisely

Gloo Wall In Free Fire CLash Squad Mode
Gloo Wall In Free Fire Clash Squad Mode

In close combat from two sides of the fence, many players use the jump and shoot trick to take down the enemy. However, it won’t work many times. Instead of jump and shoot players should create a Gloo wall to block the enemy on the other side and then shoot to kill him.

Gloo walls are good in both defensive and aggressive situations in the Free Fire clash squad mode. Players can use them to rush on the enemies from a distance they not only provide players with cover but also give them a chance to heal.

4. Using Normal Sensitivity Settings

best sensitivity settings in free fire for snipers
Best Settings For Snipers

Using custom sensitivity settings in Free Fire clash squad mode highly improves your chances of winning on the battlefield. Most Free Fire players use the default sensitivity settings to play matches. They should instead select sensitivity settings according to their play style.

Players must also note the device they are using to play as phones’ performance varies according to the game’s requirements. Users must not copy someone else’s settings just because that person is a better player.

3. Using Wrong Character’s Combination

Free Fire has a huge roster of more than 39 characters after the OB28 update. Picking a character because how it looks, players must pick one that suits their playstyle. While playing clash squad matches in Free Fire, it is very wise to use active skills of players like DJ Alok, Wukong, K, A124, etc. Whereas, Chrono might not be a good choice in the CS mode due to it’s increased cooldown time.

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2. Playing At The Edge of Safe Zone

Many players make this mistake while playing the CS mode in Free Fire and it costs them the match. Whereas, playing along the safe zone might help you in the Free Fire ranked mode but it won’t work in this mode.

In this mode the damage given by the zone is way too much and can knock you down in a matter of seconds. Instead of doing it you can choose to stay in the safe zone and fighting from there is a better choice.

1. Looting

This is the most common mistake done by players in the Free Fire clash squad mode. Many players try to loot their enemies in this mode and get killed in the process. As this mode does not require very much resources and ammo you can rely on the weapon and other resources you buy.

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