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Free Fire is a massively popular battle royale title on the mobile platform. Likewise, the game has garnered a massive fanbase since its release. Like all other BR games, Free Fire has a number of weapons that the players can use. However, some of them out perform every other weapon. Therefore, in this article we take a look at the 5 most effective weapons in Free Fire for 2021.

Weapons in Free Fire can be divided into the following ranks: AR, SMG, LMG, Pistols, Snipers, Shotguns and melee. Players can equip two weapons in their primary and secondary slot, leaving aside melee and grenades. We take a look at the most effective weapons in the game.

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5 most effective weapons in Free Fire for 2021


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The MP40 is easily the most popular weapon on this list. This gun is a SMG and has incredible stats. Likewise, the gun has a very high rate of fire and moderate damage. However, the main strength of this gun is its stability and accuracy.

This gun is the perfect weapon for mid-to-close range combat.


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The M1014 is the best Shotgun in Free Fire. This gun can only operate in close range. However, in close range, its damage can easily one-shot an opponent. Coupled, with the fact that this is readily available, it makes the M1014 a great pick.


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The SCAR-L is a very balanced Assault Rifle, perfect for beginners. The gun has a high rate of fire and moderate damage. However, the point of focus is its accuracy over long ranges.

The gun is easy to use and can knock opponents from long range if used properly.


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The AWM is a fan favourite gun in Free Fire. Moreover, it may be the best sniper rifle in the game as of now. It has a high damage stat and can one-shot opponents with a headshot.

Therefore, this gun is perfect for long range snipes. But its only drawback is its long reload times.


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The Groza is a very underrated gun in Free Fire. This gun is a AR but feels like an SMG when used. Likewise, this gun has a high rate of fire and accuracy. Moreover, this gun has a long range suitable for long range gunfights.

However the only drawback is its availability. This is because it is only available in airdrops, resupply maps and bounty tokens.

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