Top 5 MP40 Skins In Free Fire After OB28 Update

Garena Free Fire has a ton of gun skins in the game. Here are some of the top 5 MP40 skins in Free Fire to use in the game that looks good and also is good to play during intense fights.

Top 5 MP40 Skins In Free Fire
Top 5 MP40 Skins

Free Fire is the best title among the mobile battle royale genre. The title has a huge weapon roster with a number of bundles and skins in the store. Here in this article we will take a look at the Top 5 MP40 skins in Free Fire after OB28 update.

The MP40 is a very powerful gun and players love to use it to rush on opponents in the close range battles. Legendary gun skins have great potential to increase weapon stats. MP40 is one of the most popular weapon in Free Fire in the SMG category to use it in close combats. It is much more powerful than other guns in the SMG category in eliminating enemies, with a hidden bonus damage stat on headshots.

Top 5 MP40 Skins In Free Fire

5. Lunar MP40

MP40 skins in Free Fire
Lunar MP40

The Lunar MP40 skin increases the accuracy of the weapon by two points. In addition, the range of weapons has increased. You could say this is one of the best skins because by increasing the range of weapons, the Lunar skin also increases the accuracy of the weapon. The drawback of this skin is that it reduces the reloading speed of the weapon.

4. Maniac MP40

MP40 Skins In Free Fire

This is a great gun skin for the close combat in the game. This gun has some huge stats it has increased the clip size and rate of fire of the gun. The only downfall of the skin the Maniac MP40 skin is it decreases the range of the MP40 gun.

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3. Mechanical Girl MP40

MP40 Skins In Free Fire

The mechanical girl is pinkish and purple kind of skin with electro effects to it. The name to it came from the looks of the skin. Its damage is ‘++’, range is ‘+’ and reload speed is ‘-‘. It deals heavy damage even at a longer range than it is told to.

But the reload speed is slow. This attribute can be very harmful as it can reduce your chances of survival.

2. Flashing Spade MP40

flashing spade mp40
Flashing Spade MP40

This skin is one of the most sought after in the Free Fire universe and it’s easy to see why. The skin not only looks super cool but also packs a punch. Players love it for the sheer power it deals to enemies, ripping them to pieces in no time. It is excellent for short range combat which doubles up the gun’s damage and increases its rate of fire as well.

1. Crazy Bunny MP40

MP40 Skins In Free Fire

Rare and popular, this MP40 skin has crazy in its name for a reason. Released in 2019, the skin has a playful easter theme with bunnies and easter eggs in its design. Players could obtain the skin via spins. The release of the Crazy Bunny MP40 also popularized and boosted the use of the MP40 gun.

While the skin doubles up the gun’s damage and range of damage, it does reduce the firearm’s magazine capacity. This is the list of top 5 MP40 skins in Free Fire.

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