Battlegrounds Mobile India: Top 5 parachute skins in BGMI

There are a variety of parachute skins provided to the players in BGMI which can help them to land in style. These are our top 5 picks for best parachute skins in BGMI.

Top 5 parachute skins in BGMI
Best parachute skins in BGMI
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Battlegrounds Mobile has been officially released by Krafton and players are hurrying to purchase different skins of parachutes, vehicles as well as weapons. Parachute skins in BGMI look really stunning when you land in different maps. In this article, we are going to mention some of the best parachute skins in BGMI.

Parachutes are the sole helpers of the players after jumping to the battlegrounds and often players want to land in style! Parachute skins are there for this reason only and BGMI offers a variety of designs and effects so that the players can make their mark even before landing. You can brag off in front of your friends with the parachutes that we have specially selected for you.

Down below, we have mentioned the Top 5 parachute skins in BGMI.

Top 5 parachute skins in BGMI

1. Modern Lord Parachute

Top 5 parachute skins in BGMI
Modern Lord Parachute

This parachute skin gives an elegant appearance to your parachute when you land in the virtual battleground. As you can see in the parachute, there are dual colours, Black and Neon Blue with red stripes on it. There is a picture of 2 helmets which is quite similar to the Level 3 helmet in the game. Along with that, two swords can be seen placed over the helmet. This gives a trendy samurai look to the parachute. It can be found in the classic crate.

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2. Notes of Affection Parachute

Top 5 parachute skins in BGMI
Notes of Affection Parachute

Another parachute that can be found in the classic crates, which costs about 36 UC if you open it for one time and 1080UC if you open it for 10 times. The chances of obtaining this parachute are very rare and players spend thousands of UC to get the skin of this parachute. It has a piano drawn over it with notes of music which gives a sombre look to the parachute.

3. Will of Horus Parachute

Top 5 parachute skins in BGMI
Will of Horus parachute

This decorus parachute is available in the custom crate which can be purchased by spending 60 UC for a single time and 540 UC for 10 times. This parachute is matched in accordance with a mythic outfit in BGMI i.e the Will of Horus outfit. A matching headgear- Will of Horus can also be found in the custom crate. This parachute gives an Egyptian outlook as we can see an image of a royal eagle on the parachute.

4. Noble Lineage Parachute

Top 5 parachute skins in BGMI
Noble Lineage Parachute

As we have seen that most parachutes are matched in accordance with an outfit, this parachute is matched with the legendary outfit – Noble Lineage Set. Both the parachute and the outfit can be obtained from the Redeem section in the shop. This outfit is favoured by many players as it has some vibrant colours and the picture of the flower makes it more lively. Be gentle on your parachutes and hard on your enemies!

5. Gothic Lady Parachute

Top 5 parachute skins in BGMI
Gothic Lady Parachute

The last but not the least of this list comes the gothic lady parachute which can be obtained by using silver fragments. Purchasing this parachute will cost you 147 silver fragments for 7 days and 1260 silver fragments for purchasing this permanently. The mixture of red and blue colour with pictures of bats placed over it gives it a lethal look. You can flaunt this parachute by wearing Gothic Lady or the Gothic Gentleman outfit.

These are the Top 5 parachute skins in BGMI

NOTE: The parachute skins are selected to basis of the author’s views, however, reader’s views might differ.

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