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Top 5 Popular Adversary Modes in GTA Online

This article covers the top 5 of the hundreds of Adversary game modes available in GTA Online. It is based on the number of frequent players and popularity among the content creators

Adversary Modes help players relax and have some fun after a long day of grinding businesses or heists for money. They are usually quirky, quick and chill but sometimes even these game modes can get serious, especially when one of them are paying out double the rewards they usually do, thanks to the event weeks. Join us as we explore these modes so that you can choose which ones you want to play. These are Top 5 Popular Adversary Modes in GTA Online:

Top 5 Popular Adversary Modes in GTA Online 7

Top 5 Popular Adversary Modes in GTA Online


Top 5 Popular Adversary Modes in GTA Online 8

We start off the list with the classic PvP game mode, resurrection. Players can choose from 7 different maps and are equipped with Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Smg and a Super Heavy Armor by default. The players are then pitted against each other where they fight until a team is completely wiped out. If a player dies, he moves to spectator mode where he can only watch his teammates until they get a kill, after which a dead player is revived and can fight again. The game ends when there is no player left on a team in which case the other team wins. Players can also pick up different weapons they find around the map

4.Sumo (Remix)

Top 5 Popular Adversary Modes in GTA Online 9

Sumo(Remix) is a vehicular adversary mode in GTA Online where players use different vehicles and play on large maps that suspend in mid-air. Once the round starts, a “safe zone” will be marked and all the players must reach the safe zone before the 30-second timer ends. If any vehicle remains outside the safe zone, it will be destroyed and the player is eliminated. Each safe zone is smaller than the previous one and the game continues till the last circle where the circle is big enough for only 2 vehicles

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3.Running back(Remix)

Top 5 Popular Adversary Modes in GTA Online 10

Running Back(Remix) is another vehicular Adversary mode however, here the vehicles the players recieve are fixed. In this mode, the map is in the form of an end to end platform. The runner team comprises of one runner who controls a Panto and 3 attackers who have access to Tezeracts. The defense team on the other hand has 4 defenders, all of whom can use Tezeracts. The goal of the runner is to reach the other end of the map within the time limit by successfully evading the defenders with the help of his teammates for which the attack team gets a point. If the defenders manage to not let the runner reach the finish point, the defenders get a point


Top 5 Popular Adversary Modes in GTA Online 11

Deadline is the evergreen, .IO style game mode with Vaporwave aesthetics surrounding it. All players get a Nagasaki Shotaro, which when driven, leaves trails behind which last for 3 seconds. The objective for each player is to kill the other player by moving and driving in such a way that the opponents drive over the trail left by him in which case, they die and the driver earns a point. It is a free for all game mode and one which has active players playing it all the time. There are also many powerups featured that the players can collect and use to change the course of the game


Top 5 Popular Adversary Modes in GTA Online 12

Taking the top spot on the list is the slashers game mode. 2 teams are thrown into one of the 7 available maps, which are mostly in the form of interiors of building or construction sites and the lights are out. It is pitch dark and vision is very limited. There are 2 teams, Hunted and Slashers. The Slashers team receive shotguns while the hunted only receive a melee weapon. However, the hunted receive night vision goggles using which they can see the Slashers coming very easily without the Slashers noticing them. The Slashers on the other hand receive flashlights which is very noticeable in the darkness so the Hunted can easily see them even from far away without any danger. This is done to balance the game. However, the catch is that every minute, teams switch. The team that takes out the entire enemy team wins. This is the most popular game mode in GTA Online and is played and preferred by most GTA Online YouTubers worldwide

Those were the Top 5 Popular Adversary Modes in GTA Online. These are best recommended after a long money grind session to relax and calm your mind however, these can also be full of hype. Which mode will you be jumping into

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