Top 5 raids of today’s PKL matches | 30th December 2021

Top 5 raids of today’s PKL matches | 30th December 2021

Matchday nine of the PKL season 8, saw two blockbuster games as the inaugural champion, Jaipur Pink Panthers took on PKL season two winners, U Mumba. The second game saw season six champion Bengaluru Bulls lock horns with the Haryana Steelers. It was a great outing for both U Mumba and the Bengaluru Bulls, as both sides won their respective fixtures.


With star raiders such as Pawan Sehrawat, Vikash Kandola, Abhisekh Singh, and Arjun Deshwal in action, let’s look at the top raids of the day!

#5 Arjun Deshwal against U Mumba – 2 points

Arjun Deshwal has been stellar in the PKL this season and playing against his former side in U Mumba, the youngster picked up fourteen points to his name emerging as the top raider in the contest. While Arjun could not take his side over the finish line, the raider produced some amazing raids in the game.

In his second do-or-die raid in the first half, Arjun smartly picked up the bonus under Fazal Atrachali’s nose, and as soon as he saw the cover dashing at him, he twisted his body and leaped to touch the midline to score two points for his team.


#4 Abhisekh Singh against Jaipur Pink Panthers – 2 points

Abhisekh Singh was finally back in his old form tonight against the Jaipur Pink Panthers as the raider picked up his second super ten in the PKL season 8. The raider received great support from his defense and fellow raider V Ajith Kumar to wreak havoc against the Pink Panthers.

Abhisekh Singh produced a great two-point raid against the Pink Panthers in the first half of the game, raiding against a four-man defense of the Jaipur Pink Panthers, the raider escaped a thigh hold attempt by jumping over the defender and then evaded the support raider to touch the midline.

#3 Vikash Kandola against Bengaluru Bulls – 2 points

Vikash Kandola tried his best to keep his team in the contest against the Bengaluru Bulls as the two sides faced in match number 22 of PKL season 8. The skipper was able to score just seven points for his side and kept silent for the majority of the game.


Vikash produced a great raid for his team in the fourteenth minute of the second half, picking up two points for his side as he escaped an ankle hold attempt by the left corner and evaded the right cover to touch the midline.

#2 V Ajith Kumar against Jaipur Pink Panthers  – 3 points (Super Raid)

V Ajith Kumar has slowly started to fill up Abhisekh Singh’s role as the strike raider for U Mumba, for the second time in his fourth appearance this season in the PKL, the raider outshined his teammate and scored eleven points taking his side to the victory.

Raiding in the eighth minute of the first half, V Ajith Kumar escaped a double thigh hold attempt from the left cover and then used his body to thrust himself back from between the left and right corners to touch the midline to score the first super raid of the game and get three points for his side.


#1 Pawan Kumar Sehrawat against Haryana Steelers – 2 points

The highflyer Pawan Sehrawat was on fire tonight picking up twenty-two points against the Haryana Steelers, picking up points with multiple signature moves the raider is known for.

The player was lethal against the Steelers whenever the opposition was down to five players or below, he produced a great two-point raid against his opposition in the second half, as he running toe-touched the defender at the cover and then avoided a dash to touch the midline and score two points for his team.



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