Top 5 raids of today’s PKL matches | 29 December 2021

Top 5 raids of today’s PKL matches | 29 December 2021

The second game week of the PKL season eight started off with a bang as Dabang Delhi KC thrashed defending champion, Bengal Warriors in a season 7 finale rematch, while UP Yoddha managed to hold off Gujarat Giants on 32-32 at the end of the final whistle.

With stars such as Pardeep Narwal, Naveen Kumar, Maninder Singh, and Rakesh Narwal in action, the eight-day of the PKL season 8 was bound to be exciting, and all four raiders delivered for their teams tonight racking up super tens in their respective games. With all the raiders producing exceptional performances, let’s take a look at the top raids of the day.


#5 Pardeep Narwal against Gujarat Giants – 2 points

The “Dubki King” Pardeep Narwal was back to his usual self tonight and proved his doubters wrong scoring eleven points for his team against a rock-solid Gujarat defense.

The ace raider produced a magnificent two-point raid in the second half of the game, as he performed his signature dubki to escape the defender at the covers, and while midair the raider managed to kick the left corner who had moved in to support his teammate. Pardeep’s raid ensured that UP Yoddha found their way back in the game.

#4 Naveen Kumar against Bengal Warriors – 2 points

Naveen Kumar utterly dominated the Bengal Warriors tonight, scoring twenty-four raid points in the game, racking up his fourth consecutive super ten this season. Naveen has been excellent so far in the PKL season 8, and has found himself on the top of the best raiders this season.


The raider was on fire from the first half of the game, and he targeted the main defenders from the Bengal Warriors from the early game. In the first ten minutes of the first half, Naveen produced a brilliant bonus point from under Nabibaksh and then toe-touched the left-cover to score two points for his side.

#3 Rakesh Narwal against UP Yoddha – 2 points

Rakesh Narwal has been the best raider for Gujarat Giants in PKL season 8, the raider has been responsible for the majority of his team’s raids and has proven himself capable of the responsibility. Rakesh scored thirteen points for his side against the UP Yoddha but was unable to get his team over the finish line at the end.

Rakesh dominated the UP defenders early on in the game, picking up bonus points right beneath their nose. In the closing minutes of the first half, the raider escaped a single-thigh hold attempt by the right corner and forced his way out of the cover’s dash to touch the midline and score two crucial points for his team.


#2 Vijay Malik against Bengal Warriors  – 3 points (Super Raid)

Vijay Malik has been a perfect support raider to Naveen Kumar for Dabang Delhi KC in PKL this season, and the raider racked up his first super ten of the season playing against the Bengal Warriors.

With just nine minutes left in the game, Vijay Malik came into the raid against a full-house defense and completed his super ten in outstanding fashion as he picked up a bonus from underneath the left corner Abozar Mighani, and then escaped his ankle hold attempt to touch the supporting right cover on his way out to score three points for his team.

#1 Maninder Singh against Dabang Delhi KC – 3 + 2 points (Super Raid)

Skipper Maninder Singh has been single-handedly spearheading the Bengal Warrior’s raiding department this season. He has racked up 48 points this season, and only second to Naveen Kumar in the list of the top raiders in PKL 8.


Just four minutes into the second half, Maninder produced a stellar super-raid as he escaped Joginder Narwal, Jeeva Kumar, and Vijay Malik’s combination tackle attempt to touch the midline and fetch five points for his team.


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